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este es un PM que me mandó zimna8080 porque necesita fotos de vialidades de Monterrey para completar una pagina acerca de la ciudad.
Ya le envie el link del thread de las vialidades de MTY, pero si tienes mas fotos, ponlas en este thread.

zimna8080 said:

I like your posts about Monterrey. I went there about a year ago and I took a lot of photos of the freeways there. Unfortunately my camera died and I lost all of my pictures ... I am writing to ask you if you may know where I could find some photos of the Monterrey freeway system, interchanges, big green signs, etc...

I am working on a page for Monterrey like this (that is Laredo but Monterrey will be similar) and am trying to find some photos. I think Monterrey has the best highways in Mexico and I want to put it on the web. Any help is really appreciated!

Thank you,
[email protected]

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Que buenas fotos Eric!!!
En mi casa tengo algunas, en cuanto llegue las busco para subirlas.

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