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SEALDAH | Ideal Heights | 24 fl x 2, 20 fl x 1 - Completed | 37 fl X 1 - U/C

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Tower 1 - CIRRUS - 25 storeys (proposed)
Tower 2 - STRATUS - 20 storeys
Tower 3 - NIMBUS - 24 storeys
Tower 4 - CUMULUS - 24 storeys

Developer: Ideal Group
Architect: Hafeez Contractor
Website: and
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This will top off by november looks like. awesome.
^^Nice updates, Sun:) The design is superior to the rectangular blocks we get to see more often.
seriously dude. concrete blocks after concrete blocks is what we were about to see. Glad to see some change.:cheers:
Nice mix of post-modernist and Miami-type art-deco design elements :)
any latest updates?

by the way i agree with you manbil777:)
Ideal Heights are of ideal height too. all in mid-20s
Ideal Heights will change the Skyline of Sealdah once completed. It will be an inspiration for the millions(perhaps less) of commuters pouring in to Kolkata everyday to see such skyscrapers at first sight.

Can anyone pinpoint the location on google Map?
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^^^^ ah some signs of 21st century in north Kolkata
look at those crumbling 19th century buildings

nice updates sun:)
photos copyright pioneer khaitan


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Yep. those are coming up nicely. Calcutta by 2012 will look different skyline wise.
thanks Sun for the latest update. development of this building really delights my heart. waiting for a drastic change in this area skyline.
Looks like almost done. Thanks for the update Sun. :cheers:
1 - 20 of 63 Posts
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