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SEATTLE | 225 Cedar St | 26 stories

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What's the deal with this building? Time frame, developer, etc? Here's the link to the DPD design review packet with various renderings and lots of information about the building and its developer. I'm guessing that there's no firm timeframe, and anyways, even if the developer says there is one, they're probably just being far too optimistic.
Well done.

Are there any renderings or similar regarding the Alto project slated for across the street, other than the recent article in the Times?
It looks like a decent building, but there is something I have to point out about the renderings, especially this one.

I have to say that I am actually impressed with whoever did these renderings because they put in things like streetlights, trees, a bus stop, and other random little things that will be there in real life and will actually block certain views of the building. I always hate it when someone does a rendering and ignores all those real life factors in their work, which is why buildings so often look different from their renderings when completed (granted, this is only just one of the reasons why a rendering can look better than the built work.)
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They should expand the dark element of the facade into parts of the upper level of the building. It looks pretty dull (and chunky) above the 4th floor or so.
The lower few floors look like they came from Rollin Street but it's a different design firm.
Any news on this at all? I walked the area and saw the sign on the site but it was pretty heavily vandalized.

I love the design!
There's an updated proposal around 26 stories and 300 units on the whole half-block.
Any updated renderings to match the updated proposal? Is it the same design just taller?
Design review up coming on the 12th. Look for the docs to be posted a few days before then.

Looking at the EDG, they eventually plan to build on the complete half block, but for now they are just building the tower next to the RiteAid. A project will follow that will be a smaller tower on top of the RiteAid.
Of the updated proposal alternatives I like #2.
Maybe. What are you confused about? Thats a picture of the site as it stands today. Supposed to start within the week.
They're in active demo. That usually starts with taking out the reusable stuff before knocking the building down.
1 - 20 of 291 Posts
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