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Condo Expo Report

I went there today at noon and stayed there for an hour. I had mixed feeling about this conference for some reasons. Unforunately, they didn't let me to take the pictures of it. Also they got no models of ANY project but only shows the renderings and videos. :(

1. No models
2. Rude people
3. About every exhibits of each project is very surface and it doesn't give you much of the details of each project.
4. Some salepeople are seen like they don't really know much about their projects which surprised me.
5. No new projects for Bellevue except European Tower.
6. No cameras are allowed.
7. The ticket is overpriced for this type of event.
8. No interior design booth! UGH! :eek:hno:
9. They skipped few projects (e.i. Mosler Loft, Marison (sp?), few project names I forgot).
10. Trump Tower weren't included this event (I figured).

1. More than six new projects for downtown Seattle.
2. New Rendering for AVA (Its neat!)
3. European Tower released new latest rendering which made it look much better and attractive (I will elaborate it on European Tower thread).
4. New Rendering for Icon Tower (WOW!).
5. They showed the video of what Seattle skyline would looks like in year 2010. Its pretty impressive.
6. They showed few new projects with new renderings but the names haven't released yet. They looks so neat! :) (I will create a several new threads of these projects soon).
7. I saw huge twin towers (it looks like 45 to 60 stories high) on the video near Denny and Westlake and I didn't caught it what that project is.... Not twins in Belltown that we discussed before... It is second twin towers project.

That is it.
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