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Seattle Development News Thread

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OK, post Seattle stuff here. For the whole Puget Sound region.
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Yay for Lincoln Tower! When I saw it the other day I freaked out (and sort of embarassed myself, too :) )
UPDATE: Lincoln Tower is topped out. I actually asked a forum at the site on Saturday. I think I embarassed my girlfriend by being such a nerd. :) Oooh, I'll get some cool pictures uploaded tomorrow.
Sorry I was late about this guys.

Oh, and yes, a foreman told me he thinks it's topped out. I mean, how would you not know? Oh, well; it's close even if it's not all the way. It says on Emporis, anyway.
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I have a picture from the Alaska Way viaduct that shows the new WaMu tower. By the way, why does WaMu have two buildings now? Just because they can? And are they going to have full occupancy in both buildings?
If the Sheraton will be the largest hotel, what is as of now? I would think the Westin, right?
What are you talking about??? It's the first major high rise in so long (other than that IDX tower or whatever). It's really easy to notice it, especially if you drive on the Alaska Way Viaduct, it's right there. Or even from I-5 from the north, you can see it. Or the south. It's not the BoA tower or anything, but it's a refreshing sight.
Oh, man; I wish I had a picture to prove this, but when I was wandering around downtown Bellevue I saw a sign in front of a non-descript, ugly four story building about proposed construction of a 41 story residential tower. 41 stories! I hope this will get approved! If you're wondering where it is, it's across the street from the parking lot by California Pizza Kitchen, if I remember correctly.
mhays said:
Assuming you're talking about the old Puget Sound Energy Building (built in 50s or so, yellow, lawn around it), this has been discussed on SSP and/or SSC over the past few months. We're all pretty excited about it.
Oops. I guess I missed the memo. And yes, that is the one.
Vanman said:
Whats up dudes, I'm from Vancouver and I got a question. Is Bellingham considered a suburb of Seattle or is it's own town? I went to Bellis Fair today and was pretty underwhelmed. Next time I go to Washington I will definitely go all the way to downtown Seattle
Lol not at all. People talk about going to Bellingham like it's a foreign land or something. It's only two hours away or so, but it is not at all part of the metro area. There is about a thirty mile stretch south of it that is essentially nothing but beautiful natural scenery, and south of that is a bunch of farmland, well known for tulip production. I'd consider Marysville the northern border of the metro area (which is just a bit north of Everett)
Any news or pictures about the construction progress of Eddie Bauer Lincoln Square???
mhays said:
Early 2006 start.
That's too long. They should work on it NOW! :rant:
SJM said:
Walked by wamu tower today, the glass facade looks amazing and so shiny.
I just walked by this evening cause I had nothing else to do, but forgot my camera. The cladding is up to about the 15th floor or so. At least that's what it seemed like; maybe it was just up to about 10. The cladding is really cool; it is very shiny and....stuff. :)
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