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Seattle Development News Thread

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OK, post Seattle stuff here. For the whole Puget Sound region.
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^^ The Avalon Madison building has been on hold with a foundation already in place for 2 years now, the vines and all that are growing on the alley area of the project. They removed the crane and left it behind for a long time. I wonder if they will return and complete the project, it's been a while and looks empty with a big hole in the ground.
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The 2 Union Square could be blocked for the most part, and the 608 ft tall WA-mu tower would be probably a bit lower than the Space needle in the skyline, because I think the elevation where the wa-mu tower is built is lower than the elevation where Space Needle is, which is at 175 ft elevation. I can't wait to see the completed Wa-mu tower to the skyline by 2006.

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mhays said:
The Space Needle is more like 75' elevation. I'm being lazy and not looking it up. I'd guess they're pretty close in base elevation.
It's actually about 125 ft elevation, not 75 ft elevation, thanks for trying. ;)
Major re-development area in Southeast Seattle...

Here's the link for all the information u need, about new homes/townhouses. I have drove past the area, it looks really nice! There's been doing so much construction on MLK way where light rail will run on the median. Enjoy! :D
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Rainier Meadows said:
yeah that may be it! :dunno: It is located in the same area.....I just didn't think that was still on......:uh:
Hey guys, the 5th and Yelser status on ( it says it's never built. They haven't updated about that new building under contstruction, there are a heap load of buildings under contstruction and it's going crazy!
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I saw like 3 cranes pretty close to each other south of downtown Seattle near 5th and Yelser, 2 cranes nearby. I guess there's a explosion of construction so far I've seen. So far, I think there's more than 15+ cranes popping around Seattle alone, some outside from downtown.
*cough* ELEVEN BILLION?????? Time to anabon the monorail and don't BUILD it!
I hate inflation in costs. Can you imagine paying $5 for just an apple in few decades later? Or maybe $4 for a aluminum can soda pop, and our minimum wage would be probably $10-12 a hour while high level jobs paying $40-50 per hour.
Also, add to this...Seattle also wanted a monorail system in the 1900 ish, but they failed....Germany was the first country in the world to have a system wide monorail, it is upside down with overbuilt tracks and beams. It still in operation and it's over 100 years old. It goes up to 35 miles per hour. I'm suprised it still runs, lol.
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PDXPaul said:
Don't say we never post nuthin' in the westcoast-

'The 400' Condo Development in Bremerton! 66 Units

ooh, that condo tower looks nice! That would be a nice addition to Bremerton's
downtown or whatever, since ya didn't mention where in Bremerton, that's okay though. :)
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Wow another project right next to 2200 Westlake that's under construction! Denny Triangle is a boomtown! :p
JiminyCricket said:
^It's not u/c. They are waiting for an office tenant before beginning construction.

BTW sequoias, if your list in your sig is based on, it's not correct, they don't even list the Cosmopolitan(formerly Century Tower) as under construction, when in fact the crane is already up there. They made such a big deal about cristalla being constructed, but they wont even give the cosmo any ink, and it's 100 feet taller!
You misread, I said the 2200 Westlake is U/C, not the 2201. :) I do already know about emporis, they haven't updated in weeks and they are money robbing thieves with out of date data.
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wow! A 37 story tower, that's something! I bet that's a 400+ ft tall tower. That's like a block or 2 from the wa-mu tower under construction.
jiggawhat? said: is 400ft!
okkkkk, don't yell. :) I didn't know the height, so I was guessing 400 ft or so.
^^Its proposed, for sure because we haven't had the height limits approved yet, so the 1521 is taller than what we allow at the current 240 or 300 ft (not sure) limit in that area for residential towers. The new height limit would be 400 feet if approved with go ahead.
I saw a proposal sign on Cherry and 8th Ave. in First Hill, it says a 2 tower would be 21 stories with 199 units of apartments and some units of hospital space, I'm not sure. I don't have the picture or details about it, it's just what I saw. It would border 8th and 9th Ave along Cherry Street where about 58 units of apartments will be demolished, along with parking spaces.
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^^someone on the forum said that they will resume construction last month, but that never happened. I dunno when the hell they will FILL that GAPING hole that has been sitting for 2 years!!!! It's embarrassing to see a gaping hole being there for that long
guess what???? In First Hill neighborhood (east of Downtown Seatlte) Avalon @ Madison is RESUMED! They cleared out the overgrowth of vines on the fence and the gaping hole of the site on 8th and Madison St. They have new fences on the parrell parking for the equipment, it looks clean after all the mess of vines was cleared. It's a 15 story condo tower with retail level at the ground. It was dead since 2001 and finally resumed!
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:D A "redevelopment" of 12th at Pike and 12th at Madison, I saw that big sign on 12th and Pike showing the web site so here it is, it looks like a nice one.

wow! Check on Bellevue, they updated! They have 6 buildings under construction, and a bunch approved: 450 ft tall tower City center II, 430 ft tall towers (2 of them), etc... and the Technology Tower under construction which is 295 ft tall. Bellevue is going to be pretty dense with all those tall skyscrapers. :D I think they will raise the height limit to 500+ feet in the near future as the current limit is 450 ft.
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