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Seattle Development News Thread

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OK, post Seattle stuff here. For the whole Puget Sound region.
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Silver Cloud Hotel next to Safeco Field

Preliminary plans for a tall, skinny residential tower sorta near the Pike Place Market

The top-left has a small rendering

A better rendering of the Hotel 1000

Stewart Place

Avenue One Condos (finished, I think)

This thing, northern downtown - might be old rendering


Over in Bellevue . . .

Complex near Medenbauer Center

Then of course Lincoln Square

I think this one is history, at least most of it. The Port of Seattle is getting sooooo busy, there's no way they're gonna sacrifice that entire pier for commerical development.

Just a Flash website available now:
Hey, pay attention, dammit. ;)
pwright1 said:
Here's a little website for 1521 Second Aveue.
New rendering of the WaMu tower

^I posted the rendering above at 11:33. You didn't start the other thread until 12:10. So I beat you to it, actually. :D

I also posted my post at post at 6:33 forum time. So I STILL beat you!!! :p
^They should make that office building bigger than 20 stories. :( 30 would be better.
Haha, cool graphic!

Stalled First Hill project to restart later this month

Construction is set to begin again soon on the First Hill mixed-use project at Eighth and Madison that was stopped just after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
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Cool, thanks for the link, Dancer.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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