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Seattle Development News Thread

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OK, post Seattle stuff here. For the whole Puget Sound region.
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Hello all. Im new to this site. Does anybody have construction pictures of the the Cosmopolitan?
I wonder, since condos are selling like hotcakes in downtown, what is happening with the Avalon? I was really looking forword to seeing that project breaking up that two block span of nothing between Macys and 1st ave.
That sounds good about the hight. I hope somthing happens soon
This is cool! I just went to vulcan's website and downloaded the fact sheet on 2201 westlake I would post a picture if I could but there is tons of good stuff in there to see :yes:
sry guys im still trying to learn how to use this stuff. I hope you can get to the site. Its good stuff
Past Seattle city planers were just dumb as rocks. They should have had a vision for the future other than lets keep this city small. Like when in the 70's the federal government offered to pay for the city to build a subway. Now the city has grown and it is way too expensive to do much
Nice stuff. I wish I could get some photos of the model that is on
Cool :cheers1: I really want that 2nd and Pine project to happen
I just went all over the city website trying to find somthing on the new height limits. I found tons of things about it but there was nothing, as fare as i could see, as to when it comes to a final vote.

I did find a relly cool seminar with the head of archicture & city planning of the Royal Danish Academy of Archicture (or somthing like that) It was on Seattle TV. if you have an hour & a half to kill you should check it out
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Here is the page its on for anybody who is interested. The video link is on the right under Highlights. It is called Urban Sustainability Forum.
Do you know much about the building? How tall? How designed it?
I wonder how that will effect the views from the cosmopolitan. The parking levels dont look very tall.
Do you guys watch the wamu-sam webcam? It kinda looks like the art musiem might have topped out. If it hasent it will soon. I dont think it is going to be much taller.
Hey man Ill take all the photos I can get. Those were great
Its too bad that out of all these new buildings under construction right now and most of the ones that will start soon only the WAMU tower will have an impact on the skyline
Oh ya dont get me wrong. All of them will have a small impact from certain points and I cant wait till they give this city more ambiance when going out on the town. What I was talking about was the typical postcard shot that shows the city from a far and as a hole. The view from Queen Ann, west Seattle, and B of A tower from I-5. You will be able to see most of them from most angles but only the WAMU tower will have a significant affect :dunno:
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