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Seattle Development News Thread

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OK, post Seattle stuff here. For the whole Puget Sound region.
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Here's a cool pic of WAMU a few days ago!

I watch it rise everyday outside my office window......imagine my view when it's complete! :cool:
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Nice!! It's going to make an impact from a lot of angles! woohoo
Does anyone know what the crane is for right off of I-5 South next to Bank of America? :dunno:
yeah that may be it! :dunno: It is located in the same area.....I just didn't think that was still on......:uh:
weird....good work guys! :eek:kay:
Yeah man Clu do it! :cool: :uh:

Welcome to the forum by the way! :)
jiggawhat? said:
rainier! do u think u could take pics of bellevue soon? I ask you cause u r the best picture taker i know! and u get the best vantage points. :)
No problem...this weekend as long as the weather holds up....and the homeowners don't kick me out of THE' secret spot! ;)
Those are spectacular.....never before seen views...except for a lucky select few! ;)
Hey they have a rendered picture of the new Olive Tower going up next to Qwest Tower on a billboard in the parking lot! :cool:

No spire though! :(
I like the oval-shaped facades at the bottom of Olive 8...looks way better on the billboards the area a little well needed flare! :cool:
1 - 13 of 496 Posts
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