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Second and Pine

2000 third ave

7th and westlake

Some projects that don't have renderings:
four seasons and residences
8th and olive
sheraton expansion
5th and yesler
4th and virginia

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Rossiapacifica said:
Here is an updated list from what I can gather. Please let me know of corrections or comments. I didn't distinguish between UC and proposed.


One Lincoln Tower----------41----------------Bellevue
1521 Second Ave-----------36----------------Seattle (also called 2nd and Pike)
8th and Olive---------------35----------------Seattle
Camlin Block----------------35----------------Seattle (is this the same as 8th and Olive?)
The Cosmopolitan-----------33-------330-----Seattle
4th and Virginia-------------31----------------Seattle
8th and Westlake-----------30?---------------Seattle
Tall tower near Market------30?---------------Seattle
Seventh and Westlake------24?---------------Seattle
Hotel 1000-----------------24-------240------Seattle
The Cristalla----------------22?---------------Seattle
1020 Tower----------------22?---------------Bellevue
Sheraton Hotel-------------22----------------Seattle
Four Seasons Hotel---------21----------------Seattle
Second and Pine------------21-------250------Seattle---The Avalon
2200 Westlake--------------18-------218------Seattle---Also called Pan Pacific hotel
2201 Westlake--------------18-------208-----Seattle
5th and Yesler--------------17---------------Seattle
2200 Westlake tower 2------11---------------Seattle
2200 Westlake tower3-------11---------------Seattle
The "tall tower near market" and 1521 second ave are the same thing. Unless you are referring to 2nd and Pike which is also 36 floors.

2201 westlake has an 11 story tower as well.

The camlin block tower is not the same as 8th and olive, its across the street. There actually isn't an official proposal yet but it was rumored to maybe reach 600 feet, which will be the new height limit for that area if the mayor's proposal goes through.

If you're gonna include bellevue projects, then there are a lot you are missing. (wasatch block, meydenbauer block, pSE site, city center II, ect)

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Here's all the pics i've found of HIGH RISE projects under construction or proposed for downtown seattle. I apologize for any duplicates of pics that already showed up on this thread.

Under Construction
WaMu Center



Hotel 1000



1521 Second

2nd and Pike

2nd and Pine

Four Seasons

West 8th

7th and Westlake

5th and Yesler

2000 Third Ave

2201 Westlake

No renderings available for:
8th and Olive
4th and Virginia
Sheraton tower 2
Schnitzer denny triangle towers
Benaroya mixed use

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^ i guess the construction is for something else then. probalby the garage that soemone mentioned above. sucks.

here's an early rendering of Hedreen's upcoming "Olive 8" hotel/condo coming to the denny triangle.


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Got a chance to skim through some DJC papers today and came across a couple articles that stood out to me regarding luxury hotel brands. In addition to Pan Pacific and Four Seasons opening new hotels in the next couple years, St. Regis (starwood's luxury brand) and Conrad (hilton's luxury brand) are looking to enter the market.

There is a rumor that Hines development is looking to buy the 2nd and pine site next to the macy's garage and develop a hotel/condo project with St. Regis as the hotel operator.

Conrad on the other hand is looking to expand in the US and Seattle is among its target markets. The article mentioned that they are in talks already to put a hotel here so im assuming the olive 8 or madison tower projects could be a good fit.

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Sheraton hopes bigger will be better for all
Expansion work is to start next month and end by the spring of 2007


In a competitive world in which cities bid against one another to attract conventions, the number of rooms at a major hotel is just as important as its proximity to downtown restaurants, museums, impressive buildings and places to relax.

With that thinking in mind, the Sheraton Seattle Hotel & Towers yesterday released more detailed plans for a $112 million expansion that would add a 25-story tower and 415 guest rooms to its 1400 Sixth Ave. location, making it -- when finished -- the city's largest-capacity hotel.

The Westin currently is the largest, with 891 rooms and suites, according to its Web site.

Construction on the addition to the current 838-room Sheraton, which is close to the Washington State Convention and Trade Center, is scheduled to start next month.

When finished in spring 2007, it will have 1,253 rooms, according to Terry Botten, hotel general manager.

The new tower will be named the Union Street Tower for its location at the south end of the block from its current Pike Street Tower.

Such a large hotel would ideally spur activity for other tourism-related businesses, such as taxis, restaurants and other hotels, said Botten.

"The pie in Seattle gets bigger with a convention hotel. Everybody shares the pie," he said. "We don't take business away from other hotels, except in other cities."

Botten hopes the expanded hotel will play a key role in attracting convention goers and meeting attendees, especially those from the technology, medical and biotechnology professions.

Also, as Asia continues to play an increasing role in the U.S. economy, he hopes the larger facility and Seattle's proximity to that part of the world will attract new visitors from both sides of the Pacific Ocean.

The idea for an expanded facility began a few years ago, when a Sheraton-backed study found that a large hotel of at least 1,200 guest rooms was needed. Other cities, including San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver and Vancouver, B.C., have those larger hotels, said Botten, adding that Seattle competes with those cities for convention dollars.

As part of the expansion, the hotel is working with Seattle-based Callison Architecture on the new rooms and plans to increase its largest ballroom by 29 percent to 18,000 square feet. Its junior ballroom will more than double to 9,800 square feet.

Bars will be revamped, he said, and the hotel meeting space will grow to 75,000 square feet.

Two national restaurants also will open at the hotel as part of the expansion. While those contracts are still in the works, he said, one would serve Mediterranean food and the other one would primarily offer up steaks. Seattle-based Dilettante Chocolates will run a boutique coffee, chocolate and pastry cafe at the expanded hotel.

While the hotel, which opened in 1982, will not add more parking to its current 440 spaces, Botten believes there are enough garages in the area to absorb additional automobiles.

Each year, the hotel has about 220,000 occupied rooms, or about a 72 percent occupancy rate. Daily room rates range from $150 to $220, depending on the season.

While the hotel released details of the expansion yesterday, Botten said hotels in the convention industry coordinate reservations three to 15 years in advance.

With marketing staff in New York and Washington, D.C., he said, the Sheraton is trying to book the hotel for the 2008 convention season.

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mhays said:
I was counting projects today, and came up with 2,750 under construction in "greater Downtown", going as far as the Merrill Gardens, Neptune, and Trammell Crow projects on the north, Braeburn on the east (the only one past Broadway), and the ID on the south.

That's a modern-day record! We'd been at 2,500 a few months ago. I didn't count the "Speakeasy" site on Second, which would bring the current number to 2,800.

We could easily top 3,000 uc in a month or so. For example, Avenue 2 is supposed to start soon, with 190 units. And I thought Montreaux 2 would start this summer with 250. Others could be in the August/September timeframe also.
What is the Montreaux 2 project (actually what is the montreaux I?).

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Superblock work begins in Bellevue; land is being cleared for condo construction
by Clayton Park
Journal Business Editor

BELLEVUE -- The Utah developers who bought the so-called ``Bellevue Superblock'' in 2002 have begun clearing land on a portion of the block to make way for the first two of five condominium towers they have planned for the downtown Bellevue property.

Wasatch Property Management Inc. on Tuesday announced that it started demolishing some small buildings on the northwest corner of the superblock on Aug. 2, with plans to start construction of two 22-story condo towers within the next few weeks.

Each tower will have 180 condo units and will be connected to a 757-stall underground parking garage.

The 10.5-acre superblock is bordered by Northeast 8th Street on the south, Northeast 10th on the north, 106th Avenue Northeast on the west and 108th Avenue Northeast on the east.

When the initial phase of the project is completed in early 2008, the three-acre site will also include 26 two-story townhouses, complete with small front yards that face Northeast 10th Street, as well as 20,000 square feet of neighborhood-oriented retail shops, said Roger Nyhus, a spokesman for Wasatch.

The cost for the first phase of the Wasatch Superblock project is expected to be approximately $255 million, Nyhus said.

Wasatch paid $11.5 million to purchase most of the block in 2002 from the late Bellevue developer Eugene Horbach, according to county records. The Logan, Utah-based company proceeded to buy remaining portions of the block over the next few years.

The developers spent more than $10 million to acquire the final one-acre parcel in March from Lake View Commons LLC, a group believed to be made up of Microsoft investors.

Wasatch officials unveiled plans in January for a mega-sized $1 billion mixed-use complex that would take eight to 10 years to complete and which would ultimately be twice the size of Lincoln Square, the huge retail/hotel/office/condo complex currently under construction across the street from Bellevue Square shopping mall.

The superblock is located kitty-corner from Lincoln Square, just east of Bellevue Place.

The Wasatch Superblock project will eventually have five condo towers, a high-rise office building, a hotel, more than 150,000 square feet of retail shops and restaurants, a terraced outdoor plaza, pedestrian walkways, a meeting center and a ``world-class'' health club, according to its developers.

``This is the first phase of a project that will change the face of Bellevue and help revitalize the downtown core,'' Wasatch president Dell Loy Hansen said in a statement issued Tuesday. ``We envision the Wasatch Superblock as a pedestrian-friendly community that will make downtown Bellevue both more livable and vibrant.''

The initial phase of the project is being financed by US Bank. The project architect is Seattle-based CollinsWoerman. The contractor is Salt Lake City-based Big-D Construction.

Nyhus said construction of the first phase of the Wasatch Superblock project is expected to involve ``hundreds of workers.''

The city granted the project design review approval in July and a permit for demolition on Aug. 1.

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This thread has really died lately, I thought I'd post a few small updates:

-website is up for the 3rd and Clay condos in Belltown called The Mosler Lofts.

-new website for Western and Cedar condos in Belltown, now called The Parc.

-intracorp has a new project in Belltown in the early design stages. The site is at Elliot and Battery.

-mhays posted at ssp forum that phase II of the Bellora condos is set to start construction this fall in Belltown at Elliot and Cedar.

-Four Seasons Hotel and Residences at 1st and Union is going to break ground on November 1st.

Over in Bellevue:

-Bentall has announced that it will build the third tower of the Summit project, a 15 story office tower at the SE corner of NE 4th and 108th ave.

-The NW corner of 108th and NE 10th is going to be home of a new 22 story condo tower called The Phoenix

-Lincoln Square is set to open in early November, work is scheduled to resume on the 27 story office portion early next year

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seapug said:
they found a tenant grouphealth, i'm kinda pissed the didn't go with west 8th because that one's taller
I don't think the building that group health is leasing is 2201. The article said 9th and harrison which is farther north of the 2201 site.
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