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Seattle Development News Thread

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OK, post Seattle stuff here. For the whole Puget Sound region.
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Very beautiful! The blue color is attractive.
Vancouver does have a nice skyline but most of the buildings really are ugly residential towers IMO. When you look at a chunk of buildings you can see all the open and closed curtains and blinds which really make it an eyesore.
Haven't heard to much about that one, thanks for the input. Looks like 36 stories, 400ft/122m Great design to!
It kinda looks like Two Union Square with that roof thing on the top.
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The design is fine, just tack on a few hundred more feet. :cheers:
West 8th looks amazing! The four seasons design looks disgusting. Also anyone know the height to 1521 second
Some First hill projects:

Avalon Madison Building

Horizon House Tower
Really I read that construction has resumed but maybe I heard wrong.
The thing about building really tall highrises around the space needle is that it would be misproportional because of the space needles small height. The space needle is a landmark that should stand on its own. So buildings shouldnt really be built to close to it. Take the CN tower, its really tall so building really dense to it wouldnt be a problem.
jiggawhat? said:
i wonder if in the future that like the area around the space needle or south lake union will become as dense as Downtown.....and have really tall high rises and maybe a 1000 footer since its a LITTLE bit firther away from seatac...i d k...just
Yeah pioneer square and south lake union are perfect places for highrise growth. They need to even it out a bit past boa.
wamu growth, photo from rainier meadows :)

Yeah very true because of elevation differences. Its just a rough estimation showing how high is it may look in relation to the similar height of the space needle.
From the looks of it maybe a portion of it only because the wide side of the wamu building will face the water. So 2 union square will still peek over the top because of the elevation going up and it's right side will be seen.
Thats not the best angle of 2 union square anyways, so it wont be a total loss.
Hmm 125ft, is a pretty significant difference.
It looks really nice. Pan Pacific complex is coming along too.
^ Definately looks like a really nice building
Going to really impact the skyline. We are witnessing bellevue's growth into a major city.
5th and yesler finally rising?
1 - 20 of 54 Posts
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