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Seattle Development News Thread

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OK, post Seattle stuff here. For the whole Puget Sound region.
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seapug said:
they found a tenant grouphealth, i'm kinda pissed the didn't go with west 8th because that one's taller
I don't think the building that group health is leasing is 2201. The article said 9th and harrison which is farther north of the 2201 site.
That really sucks. There is nothing tall north of Denny :evil:
Cool, thanks for the link, Dancer.
Walked by wamu tower today, the glass facade looks amazing and so shiny.
Vulcan Inc. announced plans for its 10th residential development in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle.

The Paul Allen-owned company's latest project will include 90 condominiums and 4,000 square feet of retail located at 9th Avenue North and Harrison Street, according to an announcement.

Officials said the project is geared toward first-time buyers with units ranging in size from 680 to 1,100 square feet. Prices begin at around $250,000, the company said.

Construction will start in late 2006 and occupancy is scheduled for fall 2007.

Johnson Architecture and Planning and Walsh Construction have been chosen as the project team, Vulcan said.

Seattle-based Vulcan owns about 60 acres in the South Lake Union neighborhood, and has developed 650,000 square feet of new projects in the past two years. Nearly 900,000 square feet is under development this year and another 2.1 million square feet is in planning stages.
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The article i just posted is from the puget sound business journal, just so you guys know.

Oh, and SJM, can u take a photo of WAMU from the ground and post it on the site?????
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Didn't have a cam on me, but if I go again i will.
SJM said:
Walked by wamu tower today, the glass facade looks amazing and so shiny.
I just walked by this evening cause I had nothing else to do, but forgot my camera. The cladding is up to about the 15th floor or so. At least that's what it seemed like; maybe it was just up to about 10. The cladding is really cool; it is very shiny and....stuff. :)
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Today's (09/27/05) Daily Journal of Commerce ( states that Vulcan has 10 new residential projects that are going to be announced. Anyone know what these might be besides yesterday's announcement?

i don't know, but about three days ago they announced the 23 floor tower on 5th & lenora across the street from top pot donuts. so they're kinda goin nuts, hopefully some more of em are above 20 floors.
I just heard on the radio (MPR) that the housing market is back up to its highest level. I guess new constructions took a small dip last month.
Hi guys. I've been sitting on the sidelines reading your posts for a while now. I've never been involved in a forum before, so I might screw all this up... Bear with me please. I really like the way you all share information, and I thought I finally had something that could help.

Here are the Vulcan residential projects that I know of (9 out of the 10 that were referenced in the DJC - and most are mixed use):

5th & Lenora - 23 floors
9th & Harrison
420 Yale - 100 units
223 Yale (Alley 24) - 180 units
1225 Harrison - 150 units
301 Minor (Alcyone Apts) - 162 units
2200 Westlake - 260 Units
2201 Westlake - 93 units
Mirabella Retirement Living w/ Pacific Retirement Services - 400 units

It's really hard to keep up with Vulcan, but this was my best effort. Hope it helps.
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Hey thats great stuff, welcome to the forums. Feel free to post anything, you dont always have to contribute new building news, but a comment or question is fine too.
:wave: Hey welcome. Everybody here on the Seattle section is really cool so just join in and have fun. :dance:
Great posts. What we really need is someone to do an update of the under construction/approved and proposed list with links. Anyone???
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