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Seattle Development News Thread

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OK, post Seattle stuff here. For the whole Puget Sound region.
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i would have to agree....they should put a nice slender tower there with a nice crown...
yeah....i went by that project today and saw it from the freeway....if they are building what we think they are will stand olut very well from that end of town. Can Someone go look for a sign or anything?
so its not this one anymore?

I like this one^
but im not sure if thats what they are building?
hmmm....i dunno. maybe they are buidling two towers! I dont like this guessing least they are building somthing!
so those cranes that we saw arent even the fifth and yesler building under construction?
it does look like one of those early kind of renderings that will change alot.
thats from the seattle art museum side right?
i dunno the it is of the sam?
yeah...that would be great....maybe soon we will hear about the avalon
AWESOME UPDATE! where did u find that rendering of ashwood commons...ive been looking forever!
wow...i thought they still had two stories to go...hmm...maybe that was the core that he was talking about for lincoln square?
rainier! do u think u could take pics of bellevue soon? I ask you cause u r the best picture taker i know! and u get the best vantage points. :)
great rendering...i see one side of it is 12 floors...but the other side is 18-20 floors? hmm it says 12 though. Hope for the best.
great news, and thanks rainier...i dont think the weather is supposed to be that great...but it'll be all good. :)
great pics tri town...i was just down there is very tall. My brother might buy a condo in there...which is a bit exciting.
awesome pics! thats a better perspective of its height.
21 - 40 of 496 Posts
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