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Seattle Development News Thread

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OK, post Seattle stuff here. For the whole Puget Sound region.
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it will be alot taller then the surrounding buildings then...hmm...BTW i wasnt yelling. THIS IS YELLING!!!
^ getting naked? i mean...ughh hem....umm anyways, is there any renderings of this bad boy?
^yup, we have seen that for bout 5 months now...but thats alright.
i think so too.....i technology tower really under constrion though? and linoln square office tower? I think bellevue should make its height limits about 550ft or 600. :)
really?! i didnt see any cranes or anything at those there actually workers at the tech site and anything going on at the lincoln a core?
yeah....thats why im asking ^ cause i know about
can we get a pic of olive tower anyone please?
ohh yeah..that one...i hope it looks better.
will wamu tower go past the core at all or is that it? I wish it was higher on a doesnt stand out too much.
the phoenix? whats that?
yeah that 41 story tower sign is next to the galleria of bellevue...i think it is the two that are proposed...i saw that the other day too. Will wasatch be very visible? or just so so...kinda like ashwood commons..? ashwood commons looks amazing BTW. and i wonder about that euro tower...that will be cool to see going up.
41 - 54 of 496 Posts
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