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Seattle Development News Thread

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OK, post Seattle stuff here. For the whole Puget Sound region.
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hmmm...either will impact the skyline from that angle and from queen anne...i cant wait to see pics from there as its steel starts going up!
mhays said:
The Space Needle is more like 75' elevation. I'm being lazy and not looking it up. I'd guess they're pretty close in base elevation.
It's actually about 125 ft elevation, not 75 ft elevation, thanks for trying. ;)
Hmm 125ft, is a pretty significant difference.
Dunno guys!

A City of Seattle map (small jpg, I'm assuming it was 50' increments) shows only a little of the Seattle Center at more than 100'. Right around the PSC and Children's Theater.

The Seattle Marathon claims to start at 100'. Though the Space Needle is a bit higher.

One site said its top elevation is 725', which would mean it sits on 120'.

Remembering that the 100' level is around 100' in elevation, look at the photo. I'll buy 100' but 125' looks too high.

I've yet to find a readable firsthand, authorative source. Only spent 20 minutes though.
however it looks...we wont change it...we will just have to see for

From the creators of avenue 1, 190 condos and live/work lofts at Western and Cedar

Begin summer 2005, completion winter 2006
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Here's a cool pic of WAMU a few days ago!

I watch it rise everyday outside my office window......imagine my view when it's complete! :cool:
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Major re-development area in Southeast Seattle...

Here's the link for all the information u need, about new homes/townhouses. I have drove past the area, it looks really nice! There's been doing so much construction on MLK way where light rail will run on the median. Enjoy! :D
^very cool!
I just drove by it today and they're to floor 19, the core that is...

Bellevue news:

The skinny on `pencil tower'
by David A. Grant
Journal Reporter

It's been dubbed ``Euro tower'' by city planners, ``point tower'' by the architect who designed it and ``pencil'' or ``wafer'' tower by others.

Whatever the name, a 20-story condominium tower proposed for downtown Bellevue is one slim building.

How lean is it?

It's so skinny that the lot on which it may someday be built is just 5,682 square feet in size, smaller than a typical single-family house lot in Bellevue.

It's so skinny there will be just one condo per floor -- a total of 18.

It's so skinny that instead of a conventional underground parking garage, there's only room for a robotic parking system that does everything for car owners but warm up the engine.

Jeffrey Hummel, the Seattle architect who designed the building, said tall, thin buildings and automated parking systems are more common in Asia and Europe, where buildable land is scarce.

But it's a first for Bellevue, said Hummel, who has located only two such parking systems in the entire nation -- neither of them on the West Coast.

``It's driven a lot by its constraints,'' Hummel said of the project at Northeast 10th Street and 110th Avenue Northeast. ``It's a small site. To bring it to its highest and best use we had to figure out how to get value out of it.''

``We wondered how to make high density work on a little tiny site. You do it with the parking system. Also, by pushing the tower up you get high value out of the upper floors'' with better views.

An underground parking lot with a ramp takes up too much space, Hummel said, so he decided on the mechanical system that will accommodate 32 cars, requires no ramp and no employee to park the cars.

He described the underground parking system this way: A condo resident drives his or her car into an elevator ``portal,'' gets out and uses a key card to activate the system.

The car, sitting on a ``pallet,'' descends to a parking garage where the ``mechanical parking system,'' as Hummel describes it, lifts the pallet and car out and deposits them into a ``cubbyhole.''

To retrieve their car, the owner simply swipes the key card and the vehicle appears at street level, ready to roll.

``It's like a candy machine where you push the button and you watch while it delivers the snack. You push A3 and out pops your car,'' Hummel said.

Located at the corner of a narrow block, the tiny site is now occupied by a small single-family house that contains a dental practice.

The first floor of the building will contain a lobby, Hummel said, with an exercise room on the second floor and condos beginning on the third.

Units will range in size from 1,260 square feet on the lower floors to 1,600 square feet on the top five stories.

Prices will start at $400,000 and rise to $1.4 million for a penthouse with roof access.

Hummel estimates the total cost of the project at $8.7 million, a modest amount for a 200-foot tall, concrete frame building.

In contrast, a proposed project a few blocks away known as Bellevue Towers calls for 480 condominiums in two 40-story towers at an estimated cost of $325 million.

The owners of the property are a Russian developer named Igor Gershman and his son, Eugene, who lives in Bellevue, Hummel said.

A partnership headed by Eugene Gershman purchased the lot in April for $1.3 million from David Myaskovasky, who bought it for $400,000 in 1998.

Hummel said the new property owners are willing to try something different, even though some people have expressed skepticism about the skinny building.

``They don't immediately jump to the conclusion it can't be done,'' Hummel said of the Gershmans.

David Grant can be reached at [email protected] or 425-453-4237.
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I took this pick yesterday

Check out how the new WaMu Center Tower is going to stand out in the Seattle skyline from this angel.
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Nice!! It's going to make an impact from a lot of angles! woohoo
It looks really nice. Pan Pacific complex is coming along too.
i want a rendering from like far away...hmmm
^ Definately looks like a really nice building
Going to really impact the skyline. We are witnessing bellevue's growth into a major city.
Yay for Lincoln Tower! When I saw it the other day I freaked out (and sort of embarassed myself, too :) )
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