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Seattle Development News Thread

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OK, post Seattle stuff here. For the whole Puget Sound region.
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Lincoln Tower : May 9th taken from Bellevue Square

..sorry for the quality, I was driving..

WAMU : May 10th (Whats that tower rising in the distance?)

Here....wondering what is it

thats the new 24 storey madison tower.

down on 1st ave, if you go into what use to be the sales office for cristalla. it is now the sales office for maddison tower. they have one of those big 5' tall models of it and it looks much different then that rendering. i also went into the slu discovery center. they're big model of 2200 makes me really excited. i noticed a sign on 4th and virgina for a proposed 31 floor residential tower. does anyone know more about this? also there are a couple of cranes in the south end of downtown. i'm not really sure what they are. one of em is really close to I-5 and looks like it could be 5th and yesler. is there a chance they could have started on it without any of us hearing?
Does anyone know what the crane is for right off of I-5 South next to Bank of America? :dunno:

who is involved on the 5th and yesler one. it could be that? that's not to far from boat
yeah that may be it! :dunno: It is located in the same area.....I just didn't think that was still on......:uh:
whats is 5th and yesler?
5th and yesler finally rising?
The Braeburn condo is rising.

yeah and this good model...

bellevue place expansion...

Progress of the Pan Pacific Center as of May 10, 2005

thanks for the updates! It should rise pretty quick now...
Bellevue place expansion is boring looking...
i would have to agree....they should put a nice slender tower there with a nice crown...
How tall is the bellevue expansion? 300ft?
Rainier Meadows said:
yeah that may be it! :dunno: It is located in the same area.....I just didn't think that was still on......:uh:
Hey guys, the 5th and Yelser status on ( it says it's never built. They haven't updated about that new building under contstruction, there are a heap load of buildings under contstruction and it's going crazy!
yeah....i went by that project today and saw it from the freeway....if they are building what we think they are will stand olut very well from that end of town. Can Someone go look for a sign or anything?
I was over there yesterday. My pictures are aweful but there is a huge hole in the ground with lots of construction activity. 25 story office tower is what I was told.

101 - 120 of 496 Posts
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