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Seattle Development News Thread

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OK, post Seattle stuff here. For the whole Puget Sound region.
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but im not sure if thats what they are building?
weird....good work guys! :eek:kay:
Why arent they using that design ^^ anymore, it looks really nice.
^I know, it looks very international, unique. I'm not sure why they're no longer using the same design...probably to save on the cost of the resources for that type of sleak design. just a guess though...
pwright, are those pics from the 5th and yesler site? if so, t hen where did you take the pic of that sign? it looked like the site is still a grassy knoll from that picture.
The sign is right next to the construction site. Just a few feet south of the construction site is a grassy knoll. In those 2 pics I took, there's a grassy knoll between the construction site and those tall evergreen trees. Come to think of it that sign has been there for quite a while. I believe the rendering jiggawhat displayed is the real deal.
hmmm....i dunno. maybe they are buidling two towers! I dont like this guessing least they are building somthing!
I found some permit info on the DPD website:

There are permits for 3 different sites, owned by King County I believe.
I think the crane is busy building a eight story parking lot (Great!), rising but 3 stories on the 6th ave side because of the deep site.
The second site is adjacent to the west bordering 5th ave and jefferson. another parking lot and a 5 story office building
There is a third site across 5th ave from the second, it is currently occupied by a parking garage to be replaced with a 13 story office building for city or county workers.

It saddened me greatly to learn that this gorgeous hole was going to be filled with another fucking parking lot. I prefer the hole. No doubt it will be painted with the same impossibly dismal pallete that covers everything these days (see that Lincoln Square building). "How about Suicide Grey and Third Word Mud with a little of last night's Taco Bell around the trim?" Starting to look a lot like the ole Soviet Union round here.

But perhaps being gov buildings they'll use the same folks who did City Hall and the Justice Center, which are some of the more attractive buildings downtown imo.
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outoftime said:
"How about Suicide Grey and Third Word Mud with a little of last night's Taco Bell around the trim?"

Welcome to the forums.
so those cranes that we saw arent even the fifth and yesler building under construction?
I don't think so. The crane is building on the corner of 6th and jefferson.

This shot by pwright1 is of an adjacent lot on 5th ave just south of the crane. It looks like this project is replacing that cool looking silver "5th and yesler" posted above
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^^ Yeah that rendering is on emporis

Well used to be.
It's ok.

cosmopolitan crane is up. i went up on the roof top deck the other day. i have an unobstructed view of it. a pretty good view of 2200 and i can now see wamu poking up over that big white rectangle building too
awesome pictures.
Here is the 5th and Yesler construction site from above. If you look hard enough you can see the 5th & Yesler Bldg sign posted on the grassy knoll just south of the construction site.
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