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Seattle "Multi-Car Houses" with a view

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Thought it'd be fun to catalog the multi-car houses with views that are in the city core. These would be surface parking lots and garage structures that are not part of human-housing. These are listed by their current status not by what someone is trying to do currently or planning to do in the future.

~Stewart & Yale[email protected]/7252338076/ by mSeattle, on Flickr

~Stewart & 9th[email protected]/7252340862/ by mSeattle, on Flickr

~9th & Howell[email protected]/7252342020/ by mSeattle, on Flickr

~Pine & Harvard (Capitol Hill)[email protected]/7252334294/ by mSeattle, on Flickr[email protected]/4063400602/ by mSeattle, on Flickr
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May they all be destroyed!
Well, in the first picture (Stewart and Yale), at least, you used to be able to see a *lot* more multi-car houses. Basically everything in the background is new as of 2004 or so.

We've discussed it before, but I'm going to mention again: that fake-wood siding on the Alley24 apartment building did not age well. It's not that old, but the siding already looks like a piece of lumber left out in the rain.
Wasn't this an argument for rebuilding the Viaduct. But I need that beautiful view. While I'm driving.
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