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9/18/2018 Update:

Hotel Section:

Core reaches level -1.

Skyscraper Section:

Two more conveyor belt sections to remove, concrete pump installed and the rebar moat is about 2 stories deep. The workers in the pit give a sense of scale for the massive foundation.

DOTMaps says the skyscraper mat pour is scheduled for the last weekend of September, but the weekly internal report (dated 9/10/2018) I got says the mat pour will happen this weekend, starting at 10 pm on 9/22, Saturday and concluding at 4 pm on 9/23, Sunday.

Road Closures:
  • 5th Ave, University St to Pike St
  • 4th Ave, Seneca St to Union St
  • University St, 3rd Ave to 5th Ave
  • Union St., 4th Ave to 6th Ave
We shall see which source is correct very soon.

Dense makes sense
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It's nice that the webcam now has updated images every couple minutes instead of every 20 minutes or so as of Thursday. You get an ideal how fast they work to keep the concrete flowing once it's viewable above the mesh of rebar.
981 - 1000 of 2060 Posts