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Second major airport for SA

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Second major airport plan

May 07, 2007 02:15am
Article from: The Advertiser

A SECOND major airport for South Australia could be built near Monarto "in the next 10 to 20 years".
Later this month, local government leaders from the Murraylands, Fleurieu and Adelaide Hills will meet and are expected to offer their support for the project.

Murraylands Regional Development Board chief executive Brenton Lewis told The Advertiser yesterday the airport would be part of a "transport hub" which would provide connections for rail and road transport.

It is predicted the airport alone would create up to 700 jobs.

"This project would costs hundreds of millions of dollars . . . but we believe our region is the best-equipped for another major airport in SA," he said. "We have identified land in the Monarto area as the preferred spot . . . "

The airport could include relocating Parafield Airport.

Adelaide Airport corporate affairs manager John McArdle said Adelaide Airport Limited had a 99-year lease for Parafield Airport in its current location.
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I think its a awesome idea, it would strengthen the booming Adelaide Hills and Murraylands.

The land at Parafield Airport would be worth a mint, if it was ever sold.

Murray Bridge and Mount Barker (both near the proposed location) are set to be both 30,000 by 2025, also Murray Bridge Council is believed to be aiming to boast the towns population to 100,000 people. Theres been pretty good population growth for the Fleurieu Peninsula aswell.

So A major airport out near Monarto (around 60km from Adelaide) would be economic viable and increase the regions population. But the best move would be to sell of Parafield and relocate the airport to Monarto but don't know about domestic/regional flights - it might be viable in 20 years time once the region has a much larger population but not now.
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I wouldn't mind because I live near the start of the freeway. But there'd be a hell of a lot of people out near Parafield who would now have to drive for quite a long time to get to Monarto.

But I too don't believe it would be viable for commercial flights, which begs the question why build it in the first place.
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It sounds like just couple of local councils throwing ideas around. Is there really a serious proposal for it? I would be a similar distance from Adelaide as Avalon is from Melbourne, although Avalon is right next to the large city of Geelong. I think the best idea was one proposed ages ago to allow commerical flights from the RAAF base in the north of Adelaide. I think this is what Jetstar wanted to do a while ago but the RAAF wouldn't play ball.
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That article is laughable! Let's look at our current airport that handles less than 6 million passengers annually and then try to understand the reasoning behind spending hundreds of millions of dollars on infrastructure we already have (Parafield).

Typical Advertiser trash.
Certainly there'd be opportunities for Jetstar to trial services from Edinburgh, given that the people who live out there are the type of demographic JQ would be able to target successfully.
Yes its a serious proposal, and I can see it happening down the track.

The plan is to build a airport similar to Avalon Airport and maybe relocate Parafield Airport to the proposed transport hub. In 10-20 years time Adelaide Airport is probably not going to be able to cope with the growing domestic flights using one main runway with no more room to build another one. Hence why I think it could be viable in the future, but definitely not now.

Plus who knows where air travel will be in 20 years time, so much could happen between now and 2027.

Though this is just apart of a greater masterplan to build a transport hub as the area already has a freeway and trainline (Adel-Melb).
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Edinburgh or Parafield is where it should be if it is to be built at all. Give Jetstar an old RAAF hangar as its terminal, and they'll happily run cheap flights from there.

The Monarto idea brings back memories of Don Dunstan's 1960s-70s grandiose idea which ended in failure. His big plan was to decentralize and move Adelade's public servants out to Oony-Woop-Woop (Monarto).

Now they want to spend billions more of taxpayer's money on a white elephant. It nothing more than Monarto MK 11.
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Parafield is surrounded by urban development and is way to small, thats why the main operations were moved to Adelaide Airport decades ago.

I'm not sure about Edinburgh...

Remember if the State Government did give it the go-ahead its very unlikely we will see construction start before 2020.
Does anybody else think of Mirabel Airport when reading this?
Parafield is surrounded by urban development and is way to small, thats why the main operations were moved to Adelaide Airport decades ago.

I'm not sure about Edinburgh...

Remember if the State Government did give it the go-ahead its very unlikely we will see construction start before 2020.
The subdivision + Sale of Parafield airport would pull in hundreds of millions and that money could be used to build a new airport in a more appropriate, non-urban location.
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Does SA have a large small plane airport? If not it could be profitable if they use the new terminal for small planes then turn it into a commercial flights airport over time mabye.

In Perth Ascot Capital have been saying that we need to move Jandakot Airport (Small planes Airport) south to cope with expansion and the sale of the property would make a hell of a lot of money. Looks like its not going to ahead though as the Deputy PM said no.

The article below is also interesting to you as it mentions Parafield:


Airport relocation bid crash lands
By Tony Barass

December 16, 2006 12:00am

Article from: The Australian

A $1 BILLION bid to relocate one of Australia's busiest airports was in tatters last night after the federal Government withdrew its support for the unpopular plan.

Deputy Prime Minister Mark Vaile said the federal Government would not support Jandakot Airport Holding's plan to move Perth's secondary airport "in any way".

The decision is likely to have ramifications around the nation with many big general aviation airfields being stalked by developers keen to secure large slabs of real estate close to capital cities.

The decision, outlined in a letter from Mr Vaile to the proponents and obtained by The Weekend Australian, was applauded by the Jandakot Chamber of Commerce, which has led the fight against the plan, along with the Aero Club of Western Australia, Royal Flying Doctor Service, various rescue groups and numerous airport-based companies.

Chamber secretary Gary Gaunt said Mr Vaile's announcement would send a message that airports such as Jandakot, Bankstown in southwestern Sydney and Parafield near Adelaide were a crucial part of the national transport infrastructure and not the plaything of real estate developers.

Ascot Capital Limited, which owns JAH and which, in turn, holds a 99-year-lease over Jandakot's 622ha adjacent to the Kwinana Freeway just south of Perth, would not comment on Mr Vaile's decision. The group wanted to relocate Jandakot's three runways 30km further south near Mandurah and was open to a possible land swap involving the state Government.

Part of its argument to relocate was air traffic congestion. But Mr Vaile said he had been assured by Airservices Australia that the airspace could be managed.
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the only possible location that'd be serviced by a freeway.

why stop there? think of how much money could be made by the sale of the land at West Beach with today's property prices. every 50 lots = $1 million dollars.

how many lots could you fit in that area? perhaps someone with more time on their hands than me could work that out using google.
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They just spend $100m's of dollars on a brand new terminal, and a lot on new infrastructure around the airport. They're not closing it anytime soon.

Adelaide is a relatively small city. There's no reason why we need to close both of those airports simply for the one-off sale of land, for a plot 50km from the CBD which happens to be on a dual-carriageway. What an entrance for overseas visitors, to be plonked all that way out, and have to cough up for a hugely expensive taxi fare only to travel 50km to the city. It's really a long-term decision for short-term gains.

The day Kingsford Smith Intl is closed and redeveloped, and the day Perth Airport is closed and redeveloped, only then can we possibly consider doing something here.
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