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Selfridges..3rd top British landmark to photograph!

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Birmingham's Selfridges building has come third in the top ten British landmarks to photograph, after Big Ben and the London Eye, read the full article here and see the full top ten..(nice one Brum!) :)
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Hope to see the Cube on that list in a few years time :)
Fantastic news for Brum and the Bull Ring, drove past in late Tuesday as it was being cleaned, it does look magnificent.
well thank god its finally being cleaned there are quite a few discs that have also been dented
now it is good news.. but how in the world can they actually know how many photograph a building gets ??

Did Fuji film go around checking the CCTV footages ? :nuts:

All these surveys are very funny
I think the survey looked into which buildings people would prefer to photograph rather than which buildings have been photographed.
I.e. if all the buildings were lined up and you only had one frame left on your film/memory card, which would you choose to snap (and no, you can't delete old pictures off your memory card - that would be cheating).

It doesn't metion in the article who took part in the survey. It would mean two different things if it was the general public or professional photographers.
It was an odd list though ..... think the researchers only visited London, Birmingham & Liverpool!!
Seeing as it's been gloriously sunny I couldn't resist adding to the statistics :)

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Smileyface said:
Great photos.Even Orion gets a look in too.
Hey, I am from brazil and I'm visiting Birmingham in two weeks from now. I cant wait to visit Selfridges building.I've seen so many photos and it is the one recognisable building I want to be photographed next too. It could be good to have some more tips of what I need badly to see in the midlands. The canals, the history and of course the football....I'm going to the Aston Villa vs Reading game, btw. :cheer:

Hope you enjoy Birmingham, sad to hear you're watching Aston Villa though!

Let us know if we can help recommend any activities for you....
Hey Moluska! There are loads of buildings you can see cus its not just the Selfridges building that looks stunning. Holloway Circus Tower is beautiful and so are the smaller buildings old and new! Just dont come in by train to New Street Station, it doesn't give a good first impression.

Enjoy the Villa game too.
Hey Moluska well done for choosing Villa lol. Yep, as I'm sure everyone else will agree there's plenty to see and do in the Birmingham area and enjoying a drink along the regenerated canal area is something all visitors to the city must experience....Selfridges is definitely a must see too of course :)

The restoration work done on St Martins is something that quite often is overlooked or at least not mentioned on these forums. I think it cost around the £1,000,000 mark but is probably best spent million in the city I can think of. On this close up is there some very old graffiti on show here?

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Nacho said:
Great photos.Even Orion gets a look in too.
Well, no photograph is perfect...

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That's a fantastic photo Stephen though I think you just fell lucky, you were really trying to capture that young lady on the opposite pavement :)
That's what I ment by no photo being perfect, I forgot to zoom in!

[Alan Partridge]No I'm joking of course, Stalking is a quite serious crimal offence[/Alan Partridge]
moluska said:
The canals, the history and of course the football....I'm going to the Aston Villa vs Reading game, btw. :cheer:

remember to bring a gas mask!!!!
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