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While Seoul is a huge city, it still has a lot of intimate, small streets with lots of signs to explore. Here's my compilation of the Small Alleys of Seoul :

1. Here is a shot of a residential area of Seoul, where I lived during my 4 day stay. There is a lot of retail along the streets, while residentials lie in the inner streets. Power lines were everywhere.

2. Even within the city centre Jongno-Gu area, there are quite a number of small streets and side alleys such as this one.

3. While a few blocks away lie the monster Jongro Tower.

4. However, behind that tower the intimate lower density alleys return right away.

8. I walked around this area heading east towards Dongdaemun, and I a few more alleys as well. I also bumped into some Japanese tourists on the deserted street who were a bit lost. Luckily we could comprehend each other's English.

13. The ultimate district of alleys is perhaps Insadong. I have a thread about this area in an earlier part.

14. I'll show a few Insadong photos in here.

19. These types of alleys are everywhere! Here's one I saw as I walked towards Jongno Gu from Dongdaemun.

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