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Unhyeonggung is one of the smaller palaces in Seoul's city centre. Since I visited the major ones in my 2003 visit, I decided to explore some of these smaller royal premises. It's only a short walk from Insadong.

The interiors of some of these buildings are furnished with these life-sized models with traditional clothing. Unfortunately the power socket got into the photo as well.

Reminders of times when Koreans used Chinese. Historically Korea and China have been close friends.

Since it was the Chuseok holiday, admission was free! But I would pay a few thousand won to go in had they charged admission. It's quite a bargain compared to the prices to get into Europe's historic treasures.

Now let's take a walk along the street back to the Jongro Tower area.

Koreans also celebrate lunar festivals. They call it Chuseok while Chinese people call it Mid-Autumn Festival. Chinese people eat mooncakes but I'm not sure whether Koreans eat them as well.

There are a lot of these narrow alleys with a lot of signage and power lines. They look similar to cities in Japan and Taiwan. It gives a very intense urban feeling.

A street market is getting ready to do business.

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