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SEOUL has a lot of vibrant streets beyond the typical Myeong-dong shopping areas. I stumbled across this section of the city near City Hall where there are several streets closed to traffic and are full of restaurants. At one end of the area, there was a lot of street stalls selling all sorts of food.

Jongro Tower is also nearby.

Within this area :

My dinner consisted of a seafood noodle. It was one of few restaurants that had English alongside Korean on their menu, but the waitress couldn't speak much English at all. At least I knew what I was ordering.

Korean food can get quite spicy. Although I didn't see a hot pepper sign on the menu, this item was unbelievably hot.

These pedestrian-only streets make travelling and sightseeing a lot easier, especially since there were quite a lot of people wandering around.

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woefully underappreciated as one of the world's great cities and one of the most prolific drinking cultures on Earth. I loved living there and hope to return someday.
I miss my soju IV.
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