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Yet another charming neighborhood of gangbuk: the Ewha Womans University district. It's located a km or so from Hongdae in Mapo-gu.

If you're only gonna spend 4-5 days in seoul, I'd recommend to skip gangnam altogether. Too much to see and do in Gangbuk ;) Seodaemun, Mapo, Jongno, Jung all offer some fun and interesting neighbourhoods.

This is one of them!

Some interesting facts about Ewha University:
(i) currently the world's largest university for women
(ii) founded in 1886 by Mary Scranton - Queen Myeongsong during Korea's short-lived effort at self industrialization/modernization in the late 19th century.

Coming out of the subway.. No need to check the exit number, just follow the girls! :D

Some typical backalley.

In the campus.. As may be expected due to its co-founder, the architecture is reminiscent of the one of anglo-saxon colleges ;)

Some "newer" buildings. Most probably built in the 70s judging by the style..

On the other side of the campus.

Newly built residence for grad students.

Back in the coffee/resto area towards the subway.

Inside a coffee shop..

A bit farther away.

Ewha is also a "famous" spot to buy a wedding dress - There's not too many stores thus haha.. I only saw 2-3.

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I see, I've never ventured into this part of the city so I wasn't aware haha... My GF tells me that half the students there are feminists and the other half bride-to-be's...
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