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SEOUL | Projects & Construction

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Tallest tower 274.5m
Construction period: Jan2007 ~Mar2013

Seoul Diosuperiom

Seocho Gallery Officetel


Songdo Convention Center (near seoul)

Songdo First World

Samsung town

Yongsan Park Tower

Jamsil redevelopment

Banpo redevelopment

Mapo Brownstone

Gwangjin Howstory

Yeoido zai

Jamsil redevelopment (different)

Jamsil the Sharp

Samsung-dong Hillstake

Some unknown projects 2005~2007

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That pretty much sums it up, yes.
Great projects, Congrats to Seoul.
there are many more, but i cant be bothered posting, will do sometime who :)
thanks for the updates on construction projects in Korea,keep us informed
ill post pics every month
WoW, how many buildings u/c!!!
the pics i posted is just the tip of the iceberg my friend ;)
wow! lots of stuff going on there :eek:

i hope the supertalls get built soon
WoW, how many buildings u/c!!!
Sunni is right, there are literally hundreds of towers going up. If you add in the suburban areas and Incheon/Suwon, possibly thousands. I think the Banpo redevelopment is like at least 60 towers, maybe even more. Simply keeping track of high-rise construction in the Seoul metro would require a couple people working full-time. Seriously, if you were to ask the city planning department how many buildings over 12 storeys there were in Seoul, they would most likely look at you and laugh....I really don;t think anyone could ever answer that question.

And Sunni, the first pic of "unknown" projects is the first apartment building to rise along Jongno. Sort of historic. The design is rather ugly though imo.
Awesome guys! That last time I was in Seoul was June 2000. Things are changing rapidly.
Seoul's Construction Binge

^^ Jeez...

Those pictures reminded me of how large Metro Seoul really is.

The rate of construction there is really crazy [although not as crazy as Shanghai, Dubai, Shenzhen, and Beijing]!

However, I find the projects' names to be corny or generic or even dumb [i.e., Seoul Diosuperiom :eek:hno:; Songdo First World :wtf:] . Moreover, most of the exterior designs and color-schemes are awefully tacky.

They should learn a thing or two in designing buildings from the Chinese [about audacity] as well as from the Japanese [about class and subtlety].
Seoul wants to build a domed baseball stadium to replace the Dongdaemun Baseball Stadium. This stadium may be large enough to host the World Baseball Classic.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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