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Pair of Velo Towers in Seoul design revealed by Asymptote Architecture

Yet another ambitious project at the Yongsan International Business District in Seoul has been unveiled. New York-based Asymptote Architecture has revealed its plans for a pair of residential towers. The two buildings will sit neatly at the Yongsan Dreamhub development site, arranged as a series of stacked and rotated volumes angled specifically to take in the best views over the Yongsan Park and Han River.

The two towers are connected by a skybridge which is suspended 30 storeys above ground level, providing the residents of both structures with fitness and recreation centres, communal lounges, pools, spas and eateries, as well as a landscaped sky garden. A raised plinth at ground level also offers communal facilities in a light-filled atrium. Residential communities are grouped in six- to eight-storey sections in rotated units which Asymptote Architecture suggests separates The Velo Towers from the typical residential skyscraper concept.

The practice explains: “By breaking down the scale and massing of the two distinct towers into interconnected circular and oblong volumes, the Velo project proposes an alternative architectural and urbanistic response to the repetitive and monolithic austerity of conventional tower design. The recombination of the typical tower form into a new horizontal and vertical configuration enables the formation of a socially engaging and dynamic environmental response.”

Each of the 500 individual apartments vary in size from 45 sq m to 82 sq m and have been deliberately designed to enable the integration of prefabricated plug-in interior components. The external facades have also been conceptualised with prefab parts, including custom moulded composite shells coated in pearlescent automotive paint.

Several other designs for structures at the Yongsan International Business District suggest similar concepts, with BIG’s Cross # Towers and MVRDV’s The Cloud both proposing a pair of towers with connecting skybridges. The latter has attracted large volumes of negative publicity as many critics and members of the public suggested that it was reminiscent of the Twin Towers during the 9/11 attacks in New York.



more renders:


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What a amzing tower it is!!! especially by asymtomt which had been suggested great render for IBD Competition.
thanks patrykus!

btw IBD in a maze due to new seoul monkey mayor.

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This one has been cancelled.

Korail votes to put a stop to Yongsan development

"The 31 trillion won ($27 billion) Yongsan property development project, the largest-ever in Korean history, is officially dead in the water after a seven-year struggle.

According to Korail, the largest stakeholder of the Yongsan International Business District development project yesterday, the company’s board of directors voted to revoke the project and land contracts.

All 13 members of the board agreed to put an end to it. “Korail tried to normalize the project in order to minimize the social and economic loss for society, but private investors including Lotte Tour Development and Samsung C&T were opposed to our proposal,” the company said in a statement.

The state-run railway operator will now have to pay 2.4 trillion won to project executor Dream Hub Financial Investment, which it had earned from selling the land to the financial investment company. On March 14, Dream Hub defaulted on 5.2 billion won worth of interest on the 200 billion won asset-backed commercial paper.

Korail will pay 540 billion won of the money today - the remainder will be paid back in June and September.

How the debt-ridden Korail will come up with the money remains to be seen. Market watchers say the company will have to borrow the money from banks or issue corporate bonds.

Korail hasn’t posted a surplus in its railway business for the last eight years after it was converted from a government agency to a public corporation in January 2005.

The railway unit has so far accumulated 1.3 trillion won in deficit, according to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Dream Hub will be officially notified of the cancellation of the land purchase by April 22. The whole project contract will become ineffective starting April 29.

The area in Yongsan containing train warehouses will be returned to Korail. The rest of the land will go back in the hands of residents of Seobuichon-dong, central Seoul.

The residents held a press conference yesterday, saying that they will demand at least 220 billion won in compensation to make up for their losses for the past seven years.

The project, proposed in 2006, was deemed to be Korea’s largest property development project, turning the area into a large international complex of offices, malls, hotels and apartments."

The end :eek:hno:. This whole thing turned into such a big mess, didn't it. Oh well.
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