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Seven Wonders of Saudi Arabia

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Nominate Two Wonders of Saudi Arabia

Hello one and all...

I'm starting this thread for you so we can get this contest on the way. Basicly on this thread nominate the wonders of Saudi Arabia (manmade). The two most voted for sites on this thread will be entered into a poll on the main ME forum...

Out of the ~18 contestant structures (in the final poll) the seven most voted for shall become the 'Seven Wonders of the Middle East and Africa'. C'mon guys this is all for fun and to show off what the ME & Africa has to offer architecturally, so NO politics here please... :)

Gilgamesh said:
Here's a contest they did at the European forums a while back, Let's try to choose the 7 wonders of Middle east and africa, I'll just copy guidelines and rules from their contest.


1- The wonders must be buildings/structures made by humans.

2- The structures must not be in construction!

3- Every subforum will nominee 2 wonders from their area (by voting) to the big final which will be held here later on.

4- The 7 wonders with the most scores in the final will become the 7 wonders of Middle east and Africa.

It's up to the forumers in each subforum to make the threads
1. with nominations
2. final poll

If a forum can't come up with atleast one nominees we'll just skip that forum!

Come on guys this is prestige!!

Keep it civilized.
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Grand Mosque Makkah
The Prophet's Mosque Medinah
Madein Saleh
Hejaz Railway
Kingdom Center
Old Jeddah
King Fahd Causeway
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1. Makkah mosque
2. Medina Mosque
3.Mada'en Saleh (Shelah) nice pic in middle east thread
Masjid al haram (makkah)
Masjid Al nabawi (Madina)
Old Jeddah
Old yanbu
Hejaz Railway
Old Najd
OLd asir houses?
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Can we get some photos?

Preferably some where the architecture is as visible as possible.
1. Makkah (Islamic)
2. Kingdom Center (modernity, its is absolutely a masterpiece)
3. maadaein Saleh (culture)
*UofT* said:
VC15 we need pictures bro ;)
Sorry bout that. I've been out of town for the past three days.

Makkah, Grand Mosque

Medinah, The Prophet's Mosque

Madein Saleh

Kingdom Center

Hejaz Railway

King Fahd Causeway

Old Jeddah

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Wow, looking at the railroad aboned like that makes me want to go and do something about resoring the old rail line...
AL HARAMAYN (grand mosques of mekka and al madina)
Kaba in Mecca ^^
1. Makkah (Islamic)
2. Kingdom Center (modernity, its is absolutely a masterpiece)
3. maadaein Saleh (culture)
i agree with you:yes:
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intersting indeed
In my humble opinion :), The Seven Wonders of Saudi Arabia should be:
1. The Kingdom Centre, Riyadh.
It represents modernity and beauty of design

2. Mada'in Saleh/Al-Ula (or Cities of Shelah).
They represent how rich this land is when it comes to antiquities.

3. The Kaaba (The Mosque is excluded), Mecca.
A major pilgrimage destination for over 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, also because it is estimated to be over 4000 years old.

As to why I believe the mosque should be excluded, it's because I think the mosque itself does not represent a value of beauty whatsoever.

4. Marble Village, Al-Baha.
It's an amazing place that points how great these natives were in building castles and mansions.

5. Tribe of Alma Village, Abha.
Also another amazing village, this one is fully built on mountains. It kinda resembles the Yemeni style of building, but I think it's more special and different.

6. Mosque of Juatha, Al-Hassa.
The second mosque built on purpose in Islam, the first Friday sermons in Islam were held there. It also had survived a lot of environmental factors and other kind of factors.

7. The Old City of Jeddah.
Built in a really beautiful manner with its own architectural style that no other city has in the whole world.

Sorry guys for the crappy quality of the pictures.. Peace out :nocrook:
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I agree with this post. Are all these places relatively easily accessible apart from Mecca and Medina?
Thank You Very Much @Mesch for the post with the beautiful pictures. How I wish I could visit all these places ( except The Kaaba, since I'm not a Muslim ). Been to Riyadh and Jeddah though.
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