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Seven wonders of South Africa - Nominations

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Hi guys, please nominate the seven wonders of South Africa here, so you can participate in the seven wonders of middle east and africa.

Gilgamesh said:
Here's a contest they did at the European forums a while back, Let's try to choose the 7 wonders of Middle east and africa, I'll just copy guidelines and rules from their contest.


1- The wonders must be buildings/structures made by humans.

2- The structures must not be in construction!

3- Every subforum will nominee 2 wonders from their area (by voting) to the big final which will be held here later on.

4- The 7 wonders with the most scores in the final will become the 7 wonders of middle east and africa.

It's up to the forumers in each subforum to make the threads
1. with nominations
2. final poll

If a forum can't come up with atleast ONE nominee we'll just skip that forum!

Come on guys this is prestige!!

Keep it civilized.
If you can't agree on what to nominate then I suggest you make a poll thread with the most popular ones. ;)
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Union Buildings- Pretoria
Voortrekker monument- Pretoria
Castle of Good Hope- Cape Town

Afrikaans monument- Paarl
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Well for Durb's I would nominate the Grey Street mosque.
Although being an Gujerati Hindu, I am nominating a mosque, there are many temples out there, that date back from the time indians have arrived from their mother land, but none of them stands out more than this.

I lived in Durban all my life & since my family having a buisness in town I have always noticed this landmark. It was or maybe still is the largest mosque in the southern hemisphere. Even Madiba visited the place quite a few times.

Or if we can, can I nominate the whole of Grey Street? It is man made, & it does serve kind of like a monument. Its the busiest street in Durban, & plays host to many religons. Heres a website I found on Grey streets multicultural background.
Grey Street
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I'd nominate the following:

The Union Buildings
Sir Herbert Baker's masterpiece and an icon of South African architecture.

Pietermaritzburg City Centre (or just the City Hall if it can only be one building)
Considered one of the the world's top 3 cities for Victorian Architecture. The fine city hall is the southern hempishere's largest red brick building.

Durban Harbour
Africa's busiest harbour and the continent's global trade gateway

The Lost City
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...although we are competing with the Pyramids of Giza, Petra etc etc....worth a try though.
What about the Drakensburg or St Lucia wetlands?

The hole in the wall on the wild coast

Cradle of mankind

The big hole in kimberly

The namaqualand flowers

could go on
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^^ read u dummy, "MAN MADE" :)
who the hell put durban harbour up???? anyway i say one of those mines in joburg one of them is the deepest mine in the world
Hey... :) Durban harbour is an enormous multi billion dollar structure. Even in global terms it's impressive. As a Durbanite I'm always surprised at how small and undeveloped other harbours are but that's because we take this one for granted.
its big but got a long why to go to has to compete with harbours in japan ,china ,states ,holland etc so in sa terms its big ....but if thats the case i dont see any one talking about the carlton or the hillbrow tower u get my point ?
hsark said:
its big but got a long why to go to has to compete with harbours in japan ,china ,states ,holland etc so in sa terms its big ....but if thats the case i dont see any one talking about the carlton or the hillbrow tower u get my point ?
Well last I heard it was around 9th busiest in the world whereas the carlton doesn't even make the top 200 tallest buildings. Also it has a significant impact on Africa. It's not just any old harbour, it is impressive (especially in the context of Africa).
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i never read...sorry one and all
and i agree with greg.

Frankly i cant think of anything i really find a "wonder"
What about Chattsworth temple of understanding in Durban? :)
impressive but nobody goes WOW...about the harbour...its not impressive enough to get status as a WONDEr really...its just an important harbour ...
South Africa doesnt have any mad-made wonders......well technically the Big Hole in Kimberly is man-made..but its not a structure or building hehe. The only things that come close are-

Union Buildings
Hillbrow Tower
Carlton Center or Ponte.......
The Table-Mountain Tramway.......
perhaps the Castle of Good Hope...

and also something under consideration is Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital......not for its architecture, but for its sheer size and the amount of people it serves...and its daily impact...truly a wonder in my opinion......
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AntonAmeneiro said:
What about Chattsworth temple of understanding in Durban? :)
where's that? I know the Hare Krishna temple, but I never heard of this one.
i really dont think many buildings anywhere in the world are a "wonder" only if they break the percieved limits of mankind at the time. None of the structures in my mind do that
1. Victoria & Alfred Waterfront
2. Robben Island
3. Kirstenbosch Gardens
4. Castle of Good Hope
5. Stellenbosch
^^ Man did not build robben island.
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