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The Seven Natural Wonders Of The USA

* Black Canyon Of The Gunnison National Park, near Montrose, Colorado.

* Natural Bridge, near Roanoke, Virginia.

* Double Arch, Arches National Park, near Moab, Utah.

* Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park, California.

* Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

* Waterrock Knob Overlook at milepost 451 of the Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina.

* Zion National Park, Utah.


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Canada (not official, just my list)

Niagara Falls:

CN Tower (tallest building @ 1,815', highest observation deck @ 147 stories)

Mount Thor (worlds tallest sheer cliff - 4,000')

Nahanni River & Virginia Falls

Mount Assiniboine

Banff National Park

Bay of Fundy (highest tidal range in the world: 16.1 metres)

Georgian Bay (worlds largest freshwater archipelago, worlds largest freshwater island, worlds longest freshwater beach)

Canada's 2 million+ freshwater lake system
(Lakes over 1,000 sq/km: 24 (not including the Great Lakes)


google earth it and find out...

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A truly wonder of the world is Baalbeck in Lebanon. Enormous Temples built
some 3000 years ago.

Old city of Byblos, Lebanon (oldest inhabited city in the world and where the
Alphabets were created!)

Qadisha Valley (Holy valley, Over 500 churches, monasteries are located in
the Valley!)

Tyros, Lebanon

Cedars of Lebanon


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My 7 modern wonders of the USA
*Empire State Building, New York, NY

*Statue of Liberty, New York, NY

*Space Needle, Seattle, WA

*US Bank Tower, Los Angeles, CA

*Sears Tower, Chicago, IL

*Transamerica Building, San Francisco, CA

*Smith Tower, Seattle, WA

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Hmm that's a tough one, but here goes based on my opinion for Denmark

Not exactly wonders, but nice areas anyway :)

Amalienborg Castle

Møns Klint

Ruins of Hammershus castle and the surrounding clifs

The Great Belt Bridge

The Faore Islands

The Oresund bridge

The Icebergs of Greenland

Prince of Persia
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Mount Damavand (highest mountain in west asia)

The old capital of 90 % of the known world, Persepolis ( near shiraz )

Shah cheragh ( shiraz)

The underground city of Kariz on kish island in the rich and beautiful persian gulf.

Chehel sotoon the structure that shows you our Iranian culture( Isfahan )

The green and mysterious caspian forests

Isfahans Maydan e Shah the cultural capital of the islamic world

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There is everything there is australia and there is "western australia" alot of "australians" who have not seen australia a great deal make alot of silly claims but here are 7 wonders of the worlds largest state. Eureka and Q1 my arse.

Horizontal Waterfalls - The king of all tides.

Ningaloo reef - Most untouched fringing reef in the world and has equal quality and easier diving than the GBR.

Karijini National Park - A Amazing network of gorges and canyons, takes weeks to explore the best parts.

Bungle Bungles - Most amazing group of rocks in the world.

Mt Augustus - The worlds Largest rock monolith Is not Uluru. This is two and half times as large. But gets less love?

Lake Argyle - world’s largest man-made body of water.

Sharks Bay - A huge water and land area under world heritage listing, steeming with fish, dolphins, sharks, dugongs and much more. Nothing describes this place.

A crazy fact on the Shark Bay World Heritage Region
The low tidal flow in Shark Bay has created hypersalination, a level of salt twice that of normal seawater. In these salty pools, stromatolites grow at a rate of less than 1mm per year. A microorganism, cyanobacteria build up, trapping fine sediment particles from the warm water and binding it together with mucus. This unusual ‘life form’ grows to about 60cm tall and look like mushroom-shaped rocky domes. The discovery of these ‘living fossils’ was akin to finding a live dinosaur.

Standard Shark Bay Beach.

The Shark Bay World Heritage Area is one of the most important areas on the face of the globe.

My Seven Wonders Of Western Australia. Remember how large australia is and how extreme this single nation is, break it down i say. :)
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