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Severe subsidence found around Macau Dome

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Domino effect of Ao?

Severe subsidence was found around the Macau Dome, the main venue for the forthcoming Asian Indoor Games in October.

The Macao daily News reported that the subsidence is so severe that the road appears bumpy, with lamp posts and traffic signs tilted, and water pipes exposed.

The maximum height difference between the base of the complex and the road measured more than 40 centimetres, it was reported, and deep holes and cracks can be found on the tarmac roads.

The Macau Asian Indoor Games Organising Committee (MAIGOC) had notified the Office for the Development of Infrastructure (GDI) the situation, and the GDI told the newspaper that a meeting with the contractor will be held in due course to discuss matters of repair.

The Macau Dome was constructed as the main venue of the East Asian Games in 2005, but the construction cost had been severely overbudgeted by over 80%, from MOP711 million to MOP1.29 billion.

The construction of the Dome is also connected to the bribery of the former Secretary for Transport and Public Works, Ao Man Long (歐文龍).
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