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Shanghai Cityscape 上海 都市风景

I just put in an order for a book called "Touring Shanghai". I saw it as an advertisement for the magazine "The Hong Kong China Tourism Press". Anyways, I was wondering if any of you guys have it and could tell me if its a good book, has a lot of modern pictures of Shanghai, etc.

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I hope you like it!


another Shanghai:

Wow....beautiful picture!! I Love it!! i want saving to my file by my PC!! hehe
Thanks!! :master: :master: :master:
Here it is:

that picture, at Puxi in shanghai or Pudong in shanghai??
I am from Germany, Frankfurt. My mother is from Curitiba, Brazil my father from Frankfurt.
Oh i see!! you are mix poeple!! :)

wow wow...:runaway:
a lot people at shanghai!! 15million peoples at shanghai!!
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wow... beautiful place!! I love it!! :banana:
Happy 牛 Year!! ★_★☆_☆ (● ̄ε ̄●) (。◕‿◕。) `★`⌒`★ o(∩_∩)o..✿.~~新年快乐~~^^ to you all...!!:cheers:
great picture and beautiful place
great picture!! beautiful blue light SWFC!!
May 15, from Wolfgang Staudt @ Flickr

wow cool, what place it's?? Pearl TV Tower??
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wow... sweet.....pudong!! if i want move to there but there very expensive for a apartment :(
Shanghai Trip

^^ want buy an apartment RMB1million-2million??
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Well the housing costs in India are much much higher than ones in china .If anything i still can't understand why the hell do they talk about a housing bubble in china when in india which is not even 1/4th the economy of china has higher housing prices.

I daily go to this place in south mumbai .Where finding a simple ugly looking flat in a dingy looking appartment would not be less than 7 million RMB or 1 million USD .I live in sub urban areas which is around 22 kilo metres from south bombay or the posh locality of bombay known as andheri west here and the flat i live in is priced at 2.6 million RMB and it is not even 80 square metres. Infact take into consideration my hometown of hyderabad it is the 6th biggest city in India. Even here lot of houses are priced at 1 million rmb or 7 million Indian rupees.

If anything i used to chinese balinghous are bunch of cry babies for complaining that housing is very expensive in chian in reality when you compare with an equally crowded country like india the pricing in china is much much less .
huh..?? really India very higher than Shanghai?? India have 7milions RMB for per house?? I unbelieve it!! but Shanghai city more beautiful place than India!!
firework 2010/1/1 in shanghai
have update?
I Love Sky Shanghai very much...
Maybe someone can give you direction to here ... :dizzy:

xinhuanet bbs
he can fly and shanghai city hehe
China Pavilion at EXPO 2010

wow.. I there.... i wait in sept... :)
if deaf people can a drive in China??
at the Ritz Carlton?? i dont know, where place?? IFC??

Wow, that could rival Saigon's messy cables.

so dangerous!!

China - 110 V or 240 V??
SHANGHAI - CRUISE 2010 (HD 1080p)

good video...
Shanghai lived about 18~~20million people's
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