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Shanghai Cityscape 上海 都市风景

I just put in an order for a book called "Touring Shanghai". I saw it as an advertisement for the magazine "The Hong Kong China Tourism Press". Anyways, I was wondering if any of you guys have it and could tell me if its a good book, has a lot of modern pictures of Shanghai, etc.

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Sigh. Please people, don't be too overly sensitive its a simple compliment. Just like when some people say for example. "omg that new singer is the Celine Dion of the 21st century!" We all know shes not Celine Dion but to say she is like one is a great compliment, an achievement, a recognition a praise.
I find it very annoying that everything in the world must be compared to something in America - sure things in the US are relatively well known, but its just so annoying like its the gold standard of the world. There are other ways to describe things...
I have heard the Great Wall of China used in a similar positive fashion. Maybe it would help if people could expect the best from others rather than just reacting as if they had a chip on their shoulder. If you are looking for others to offend you, then you will eventually find insult. Some of the posters on SSC should consider a compliment exactly as its written.

There are many posters, such as myself, that live in the United States. To compare something in China to something that is in the US was not meant to insult or reduce the value of things that are Chinese--its the reverse. Most Americans have never been to China so a comparison to something they can relate to is logical.

The original poster meant to compliment China. Frankly, its sort of embarassing sometimes to see posters in China overreacting because its a sign of immaturity. I see myself a a someone who appreciates chinese culture and all things chinese--I am chinese-american after all.
Don't get me wrong, I understand the original comment was meant to be a compliment, I never claimed that the comment was insulting in any way and its pretty hard to interpret it that way, I just expressed my feelings toward such compliments - annoyance.

Yes I find it annoying when people repeatedly say that Shanghai is on its way to becoming so and so of some place in the US. It automatically assumes that the US is looked up to and that its this and that, but what if I don't look up to it and think its this and that?

I didn't insult the poster of the original comment in any way, I just pointed out I found such compliments a little annoying, even if they are complimentary in nature, and if saying that makes me immature, disrespectful, intolerant etc, then you my friend are taking political correctness to a whole new level.
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