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Shanghai Cityscape 上海 都市风景

I just put in an order for a book called "Touring Shanghai". I saw it as an advertisement for the magazine "The Hong Kong China Tourism Press". Anyways, I was wondering if any of you guys have it and could tell me if its a good book, has a lot of modern pictures of Shanghai, etc.

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I was discussing with a with a friend, what do you think about the sparkles at the top of the SWFC at night? I like them, but some people think its tacky. If you have seen them what do you think?
Oh my God, I was looking through the thread at some of the old pictures, There is a picture of my house on p 20!!!!
^^I was planning to do something for the solar eclipse, but since it started to rain right before the eclipse I just stayed home.

I got a few decent shots from my bedroom window though.

Full eclipse time

Half eclipse time
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全國全國民健身日, 哈哈,朋友儂幫幫忙好伐!
Shot taken a little earlier. Sorry about the double posting, I was having trouble with posting a few mins earlier.

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Shanghai is the best. In about 20-25 years this will be the awesomest city in asia if not the world. 上海加油!!!!
Imo, Puxi is more liveable than Pudong. Much more vibrant, pedestrian friendly and convienent. If you live near the Nanjing East road station, then you are only one stop from Pudong. The only cool thing about Pudong is the buildings, other than that there is nothing to do there.
I think it would be a good idea to turn the Expo grounds into a park after the Expo is over. The area being used for it is actually larger than Central Park.
They are probably re-doing all the flood systems in Shanghai for the Expo. Right now, you cant walk one block on the sidewalk without running into construction. They are resurfacing almost every sidewalk and/or burying power lines. Its actually kind of annoying because there is dirt everywhere. I was in Beijing during the buildup for the olympics and I am in Shanghai for the build up for the expo, and I can say that there is much more renovation going on in Shanghai than there was in Beijing in 2008
I think the Expo will do more good for Shanghai than the Olympics will do for Beijing. Just the other day I got yelled at by my co-worker for saying that the Expo isn't as big a deal as the Olympics. I stand by my point, but, I believe that while the Expo won't be so publisized and closely watched as the Olympics, it will do Shanghai a lot of good.

For the Olympics all Beijing did was build a few subway lines (line 5, 10 and 8) and some hotels and some nice venues. They really didn't make the city as a whole look nicer. They may have fluffed some areas up, but I remember the sidewalks by my house were still all broken when the Olympics was happening.

I think that since the Expo is kind of to show off the city, and that the venues are all funded by the governments of the respective countries, Shanghai is really trying to make the city look nice. They are also building a massive amount of subway lines ( line 7,9,10,11,13 and line 2,8,6 extentions ) They are burying a ton of power lines, painting all the ugly buildings, replacing every sidewalk with even as much as one crack, re-paving roads, building 3 new road tunnels and a new bridge. etc. These improvements will not only make Shanghai look nice during the Expo, but it will also make Shanghai much more liveable and nice in the future. I love the expo, I even bought a Haibao doll
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He forgot about the awesome nightlife in Shanghai. Unlike Beijing where all the bars are in 2 places, Houhai and Sanlitur, Shanghai has bars both dive and upscale all around the city. IMO the gay bars here are lacking, but most people don't care.
Shanghai has a ton of lights in the areas with tall buildings, but they turn off the unncessary lights at 10pm. Also Shanghai is very safe at night so there is no need to have a bunch of lights to make people feel safer. I was walking down a dark street in the ghetto the other day and only had to worry about wreckless motorcycle drivers hitting me.
I think that after developing the park in lujiazui, they need to build something TALL in front of that Ping an building so that nobody can see it.
Wow the last pic on Koresh's post has my old house!!!!
heres my contribution, 2 shanghai giants on a beautiful day. extra points to people who can guess where this was taken from!!!

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Both staff and NCT guessed my location right haha
Heres some pics I took today

Heres the Bund from an interesting angle (the circular pedestrian bridge in Lujiazui)

Heres my two favourite towers taken by Huashan road

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^^ Sorry Ansel Adams, I'm just trying my best with the point and shoot I have. Plus I have unsteady hands
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