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Shanghai Cityscape 上海 都市风景

I just put in an order for a book called "Touring Shanghai". I saw it as an advertisement for the magazine "The Hong Kong China Tourism Press". Anyways, I was wondering if any of you guys have it and could tell me if its a good book, has a lot of modern pictures of Shanghai, etc.

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Sands Casino, Macau
panda said:
I guess this is a new building in Macau ... if somebody know what is it please post a reply, thanks
I've never seen this type of train before

is it new?
Are you from Portsmouth, UK? Just curious. May I ask whats your occupation?
pompeyboy said:
Shanghai is the most stunning city i have ever been to - bar none! Incredible! I loved it so much that I am learning Mandarin and have manipulated my career so that i can go back and work in Pudong!

All the schoolchildren in the world should be taken to Shanghai, amazing experience!
That is Beijing.
that picture, at Puxi in shanghai or Pudong in shanghai??
YES! We do, PUAHHAA! Awww, even you think we have a few nice cities eh? KEKEKE btw we have over a hundred nice cities not a few kekeke...
I love it when people get pissed at us, that really shows how successful we are. You never see people hate weak nations.
stinking chinese scum, you think you have a few nice cities so you're doing well?
I thought this was pretty cool.

Found a pic online, Shanghai's metro city area has this globe building and its been used as an advertising tool like a giant ball screen.

^ I think those ads are an eyesore. Theres more tasteful way of displaying those than just a stupid board on a building. Make the board surround the top area or something align it with the building, just look at those ads on top of Japanese/Korean/Taiwan bldgs you know what im talking about.
^ are they actually going to built that?
Sigh. Please people, don't be too overly sensitive its a simple compliment. Just like when some people say for example. "omg that new singer is the Celine Dion of the 21st century!" We all know shes not Celine Dion but to say she is like one is a great compliment, an achievement, a recognition a praise.
It's not Manhatten of anytime, it's Pudong! Pudong does not have to hide behind any other cities name.
Its called globalisation and open market. Different streets will have different stuff Nanjing road has all the Chinese stuff you can find.
Oh and also, too many Latin letters and foreign names - where's China's own stuff?
Its kinda disappointing that Chinese cities need events to clean up its image. Beijing olympics, World expo 2010, Guangzhou Asian Games, what else? I know that many Chinese cities are still developing and a lot of them are quite impressive but these face lift or improvements in older cities should be done long time ago.
They are probably re-doing all the flood systems in Shanghai for the Expo. Right now, you cant walk one block on the sidewalk without running into construction. They are resurfacing almost every sidewalk and/or burying power lines. Its actually kind of annoying because there is dirt everywhere. I was in Beijing during the buildup for the olympics and I am in Shanghai for the build up for the expo, and I can say that there is much more renovation going on in Shanghai than there was in Beijing in 2008
Its called saving energy. I believe China has a regulation that require building to shut off unnecessary lights. Hong Kong I know has it now, I forgot what time but I think if its past midnight the lights in the office towers are required to be shut off. Its really pointless to have all the lights in the building on when nobody is inside.
hmm i notice shanghai and most cities in china are quite dark at night compared to cities in america or hongkong. whats up with that?
Excuse me? What do you mean by ugly symbols?
Oooooooo, sorry, but I can not read these ugly symbols, whitch nothing tell me.:nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::stupid::cripes:
This part of city in more beautiful, then otreh.
This video is even better, its in english and talks about the different aspects of Shanghai.
Well it depends where in Shanghai, some areas are quite nice. Of course there are places that are quite old and gritty, but it'll take time for those to disappear since Shanghai is so huge.
^^Great video! I feel like I was there.

I more understand about Shanghai city pattern and city life by watching the video. The greatest thing about Shanghai is the view of the city especially from flyover highway.

But the view bellow: a lot of motorcycle, power grids, full of people, construction everywhere, old dirty buildings, narrow street and sidewalk, slums, chaotic traffic, air conditioners, etc. Typical third world city in SE Asia.

I can understand since Shanghai is newly build and modernize. There's still a lot of homework.

^ Whats the name of this establishment? On what building?
Where in Shanghai are those?


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I am impressed! Its a sign of change, in the old days those people won't even be there for over 5 mins. Glad that gov is allowing them to vent their frustration and anger.
Very true. You can still see those protesters in Hongqiao Airport every week.

This pic was taken by me last Sep.

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