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Shanghai Cityscape 上海 都市风景

I just put in an order for a book called "Touring Shanghai". I saw it as an advertisement for the magazine "The Hong Kong China Tourism Press". Anyways, I was wondering if any of you guys have it and could tell me if its a good book, has a lot of modern pictures of Shanghai, etc.

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Nice photo.

Any other comment is worthless.:bash:
Shanghai CBD Zoning and Advertisement regulations

Does the CBD and various urbanized areas in Shanghai have an enforced zoning regulations that will eventually force low density family dwellings from the CBD?

I live in Seattle (USA) and the regulations cover many aspects of building construction including height limits that are intended to restrict CBD zoning to type, architectural design, and creates a pre-determined profile for the skyline that is guided rather than just letting development free reign. Also, the regulation I appreciate the most is the almost total ban on exterior building advertisement that I consider visual pollution. I notice that the rather obnoxious "Aurora" sign that the Shanghai government allowed.:bash:
Thank you Skymyhusband.
the first night picture two posts above is of the nicest i have seen on ssc
I find it very annoying that everything in the world must be compared to something in America - sure things in the US are relatively well known, but its just so annoying like its the gold standard of the world. There are other ways to describe things...
I have heard the Great Wall of China used in a similar positive fashion. Maybe it would help if people could expect the best from others rather than just reacting as if they had a chip on their shoulder. If you are looking for others to offend you, then you will eventually find insult. Some of the posters on SSC should consider a compliment exactly as its written.

There are many posters, such as myself, that live in the United States. To compare something in China to something that is in the US was not meant to insult or reduce the value of things that are Chinese--its the reverse. Most Americans have never been to China so a comparison to something they can relate to is logical.

The original poster meant to compliment China. Frankly, its sort of embarassing sometimes to see posters in China overreacting because its a sign of immaturity. I see myself a a someone who appreciates chinese culture and all things chinese--I am chinese-american after all.
Only insecure people need this kind of cheap compliments. No thanks! :)
I do not think the poster had "need" in mind when they complimented. If I may suggest that the intention of the poster was simply to express the positive feelings that they had. Furthermore, I would hope that SSC posters would respect their fellow posters more so that compliments are never "cheap".
I didn't insult the poster of the original comment in any way, I just pointed out I found such compliments a little annoying, even if they are complimentary in nature, and if saying that makes me immature, disrespectful, intolerant etc, then you my friend are taking political correctness to a whole new level.
What is "political correctness?"

I am proposing just the opposite of what might be considered as "political correctness." You are entitled to your attitudes and opinions. My response to the original poster was not meant to silence their opinions but rather interject another point of view.

Merely suggesting someone is immature because they name call is NOT indulging in political correctness. Might I suggest that sometimes "if the shoe fits" then its appropriate applies. Maybe you could take a look at the chronological order of posts to determine who started name calling. I bet you will see that those who cry intolerance are the very ones who are intolerant.

I enjoy hearing other people's attitudes if they took time to use reasoning rather than just emotions, even if I disagree with the attitudes.
why do you even respond to flamers? Just ignore them and hopefully one day someone will think of a way to just remove blatantly provocative posts.

Unless the person is a child, there is NOTHING you can tell them to change their attitudes or manner of discourse. They have already made up their mind and enjoy making other members upset. If you ignore their post they will EVENTUALLY just fade away. C'mon everyone, just give my suggestion a try.

I almost forgot to remind everyone that todays banner is my hometown, Seattle! Hooray!
^^he's a spammer, not a flamer. Read before posting, please :)
does it really matter...just ignore the poster..hows that!
Do you know why Shanghai has so much pollution when Tokyo, a twice as large city as Shanghai, has very good air quality?

I thought since Shanghai has an ocean (means no obstacles) on the east side, the polluted air can be easily washed away...
Not sure about Tokyo's urbanized area (not the same as arbitrary boundaries) has twice as many people as Shanghai's. I would venture to say that Shanghai's urbanized population is either similar in size or even larger when you add all the neighboring areas as well for both cities.

But to your point, there are several possible reasons for the differences in air quality:

1) More Shanghai residents use coal as a primary home heating source.
2) Unique weather and air currents
3) Shanghai has more construction activity occurring than Tokyo. Construction particulates are a huge contributor to air pollution.
4) Auto emission standards might be more stringent in Tokyo. I think Tokyo uses California emission standards.
Driving in Shanghai 1080p HD
I never seen Shanghai from this view. Probably this is one of the best video of Shanghai. Driving in Yan'An Dong Lu 延安东路Expressway and in PuDong浦东. You will see a lot of massive skyscrapers along the way.

Just curious, is passing a vehicle on the RIGHT side legal in China? If its not illegal, its at least poor driving behavior and dangerous.
Driving in China, and in Asia in general, is dangerous period.

With that said, I'm not sure what you mean by passing a vehicle on the right side. Here in the U.S., I see plenty of vehicles pass each other on the right. Just because a car is in the left lane, it doesn't mean they will go fast.
A follow-up question: What type of Driver Education or Training is required to obtain a Drivers' License in China, AND how rigorous is the testing required to obtain a drivers' license?

Maybe the fines including revoking licenses would help remind people that driving is not a right but a privilege.

BTW, that person who was driving in that Youtube clip is an unsafe driver. In my hometown, they would get ticketed for unsafe driving if the police had seen them drive that way. The LEFT lane is reserved for passing vehicles only unless it has special designation for HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle travel) then the next left most lane is for passing.
really or photoshop??
Ridiculous! These drivers are inconsiderate and a hazard. The police should fine them heavily and suspend their license to sell.
I really hate him ! If only he was dead now!!! I really wanna kill him in person!!!
Don't you think your sentiments are extreme? I don't know you but you are saying things that suggest you need to seek some help--fast!
the japanese imperialism is always present in the whole china, i don't know why japan always on the winning side whenever they are on this world, i am a half chinese and a half filipino, but chinese blooded people of around 1.6 billion cannot turn down the 200 million japanese, we're the same race but what was their secret that they have infiltrated the world even we are out numbering them... i love to go back to my chinese ancestors in amoy this christmas...
What an incredible bigot! My father is chinese too but past wrongs do not justify such attitudes today. Its these attitudes of racism and cultural superiority that led to Imperial Japan's ruthless rule over China in the past.

Regardless of your sense of being wronged (and I highly doubt you have been PERSONALLY affected), you need to forgive and get a fresh perspective. Such attitudes only perpetuate ongoing tension and conflict.

You should be ashamed of yourself.
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