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Shanghai Cityscape 上海 都市风景

I just put in an order for a book called "Touring Shanghai". I saw it as an advertisement for the magazine "The Hong Kong China Tourism Press". Anyways, I was wondering if any of you guys have it and could tell me if its a good book, has a lot of modern pictures of Shanghai, etc.

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Thanks for sharing the video. I look forward to going to the expo myself later this year. I am, however, surprised that I haven't seen too many photos and videos from the expo. Maybe I'm just not searching enough though, but you'd think they'd be all in my face lol
Driving in Shanghai 1080p HD
I never seen Shanghai from this view. Probably this is one of the best video of Shanghai. Driving in Yan'An Dong Lu 延安东路Expressway and in PuDong浦东. You will see a lot of massive skyscrapers along the way.

Very nice video! Especially in 1080p HD.

Makes me miss Shanghai. Can't wait to go later this year :)

This highway also reminds me of the national highway that cuts across Taipei, except with many more skyscrapers.
Just curious, is passing a vehicle on the RIGHT side legal in China? If its not illegal, its at least poor driving behavior and dangerous.
Driving in China, and in Asia in general, is dangerous period.

With that said, I'm not sure what you mean by passing a vehicle on the right side. Here in the U.S., I see plenty of vehicles pass each other on the right. Just because a car is in the left lane, it doesn't mean they will go fast.
Those restaurant/bars/lounges look wonderful. Some of them remind me of Bangkok which is famous for this sort of glamorous and sexy establishments to hang out by night. With such a quantity of tall buildings Shanghai has a great potential and opportunity to show the world how dining and drinking near the clouds should be like. :)

P.S. about wearing "brands" in such locations. Admittedly I'm not a common visitor to such spots but when I do go, about the only thing I look after regarding my outfit is the shoes (i.e. not daily trainers for jogging) and a regular shirt (i.e. not t-shirt) which hardly ever costs more than $20 :lol:. Wearing an expensive brand shows not necessarily the persons richness or sophistication but rather... well... let's just say not necessarily and not only those things. ;)
Well said! You don't have to spend a million bucks to look like you did. With that said, dressing up isn't about showing off, it's about respecting the establishment and other patrons.

Like I give a #@%$. I'm gonna roll my dirty shirt up, light up a pack of double happiness and spit on the floor. Anyone who disapproves can suck my fat tits.
Try that in any nice establishments in the West and let's see how long before they kick you out, assuming you get in in the first place.
I like doing that!!! That's my way!!! Can you just learn to respect other people???? Please stop talking like that!!!! :bash::bash::bash:
Speaking of respect... It's a sign of respect, and basic Internet manner, to NOT quote many photos at once so others don't have to scroll unnecessarily and the threads don't get cluttered.

to NOT quote many photos at once so others don't have to scroll unnecessarily is basic Internet manner????我好象从来没有听说过有这种说法。。恐怕是阁下自己创造出来的吧。这也太牵强了吧。。。:lol::lol::lol:
Then please tell me, what are the BENEFITS of unnecessarily quoting numerous photos... :eek:hno:
^^ What does Aurora say in the 2nd picture?

20 minutes
8000 years of Imperial culture?
20 分鐘
看 8000 年玉文化

JADE culture, not imperial :)

Wow, that could rival Saigon's messy cables.

Does anyone know what they did with all the Haibao statues around the city? When I was in Shanghai during mid-September, it was almost impossible to not see a Haibao at every street corner lol
New daily flight from United Airlines

Source: Global Times [08:56 February 10 2011] Comments

United Airlines made it clear on Tuesday that it would further extend its presence in the emerging Chinese market, with plans to open more routes across the Pacific when the timing is deemed appropriate.

This is the airline's latest move concerning the Chinese market following its merger with Continental Airlines on October 1 last year. It follows an announcement by the American air-carrier to commence operating a direct flight between Shanghai and Los Angeles on a daily basis starting from May 20, 2011.

Based in Chicago, and currently the world's largest airline, the new United Airlines now has seven direct daily flights between China and the US.
Unfortunately out of all the airlines I've flown across the Pacific, United ranks amongst the worst, along with China Eastern Airlines.
^^It's none of your business!!!
It becomes everyone's business when you chose to post in the public forum as opposed to handle your petty fights via private messages...
I love seeing these old photos of Shanghai. It just shows how far Shanghai (and China in general) has come in the past few decades by comparing areas like Pudong but at the same time, when comparing areas like the small residential streets, the scenery is almost still identical which shows how much more Shanghai (and again China in general) still has to go.
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Please do not feed the troll. He's already been brigged. :) Just waiting for the mainland Chinese mods to delete his post.
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Niiiice... so many recognizable buildings and landmarks :)
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