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Shanghai Cityscape 上海 都市风景

I just put in an order for a book called "Touring Shanghai". I saw it as an advertisement for the magazine "The Hong Kong China Tourism Press". Anyways, I was wondering if any of you guys have it and could tell me if its a good book, has a lot of modern pictures of Shanghai, etc.

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Awesome pics. I really loved the pic of the metro with that LCD screens on. It really shows where Asia is heading in Technology. Is there websites of Shanghai public transport where I can see snaps of its buses , metros?
"shanghai" is....

....a verb.

according to,

tr.v. shang·haied, shang·hai·ing, shang·hais

1. To kidnap (a man) for compulsory service aboard a ship, especially after drugging him.
2. To induce or compel (someone) to do something, especially by fraud or force
We were shanghaied into buying worthless securities.

[from the former custom of kidnapping sailors to man ships going to China.]

shang·haier n.
by XiaoBai, original thread here

This pic is a month old, the facade of the 2 twins in the middle is DONE!

For Anyone wondering what public art here looks like

Judah Ben-Hur!

Notice the Gothic-style Catholic Church (not the one posted earlier in this thread) thrown into the madness:

And as the title promised, the magic-hour--the 10-20 minutes after sunset. These photos show the progression of darkness during those minutes.

And the obligatory Pano
on SSC you mostly see skyscrapers and modern high-rises in pudong, there are n pictures of Pudong skyline, Jin Mao and Orient Pearl Tower, well they are only part of the Shanghai. but many people on SSC perceive pudong as the only Shanghai, no wonder some people call it the "skyscrapers theme park". and Shanghai is viewd as a city withouth character. I am not against skyscrapers but i also like Shanghai on the other side of the huangpu river. In this theaad, you will explore the old shanghai back in its golden days , 20's to 40's when it was the NO1 city "east of the suez canal".

before enjoy the pictures, take some time to read this, Shanghai street names, the old and the new.

马斯南路 Rue Massenet
巨福路 Route Dufour
巨籁达路 Route Ratard
贝当路 Avenue Petain
贝勒路 Rue Amiral Bayle
贝禘鏖路 Rue Lieutenant Petiot
公馆马路 Rue Du Consulat
古神父路 Route Pere Huc
东蒲石路 East Rue Boute Farguson
白尔部路 Rue Paul Beau
白来尼蒙•马浪路 Rue Brenier de Montmorand
白赛仲路 Route Gustare de Boissenzon
圣母院路 Route des Soeurs
亚尔培路 Avenue du Roi Albert
西蒲石路 West Rue Boute Farguson
西江路 Rue Sikiang
迈尔西爱路 Route Cardinal Mercier
吕班路 Avenue Dubail
军营路 Rue de Camp
华龙路 Route Voyron
毕勋路 Route Pichon
麦尼尼路 Route Marcel Magniny
麦阳路 Route Mayen
麦高包禄路 Rue Marco Polo
麦琪路 Route A.Magy
麦赛尔蒂罗路 Rue Marcel Tillot
劳尔登路 Rue L.Lorton
劳利育路 Route Camille Lorioz
杜美路 Route Doumer
李梅路 Rue Lemaire
亨利路 Route P.Henry
汶林路 Route J.Winling
环龙路 Route Vallon
拉都路 Route Tenant de la Tour
金神父路 Route Pere Robert
宝昌路 Avenue Paul Brunat
宝建路 Route Pottier
宝隆路 Avenue Paulun
居尔典路 Route A.Charles Culty
赵主教路 Route Mgr Maresca
姚主教路 Route Mgr.Prosper Paris
格洛克路 Rue Brodie A.Clark
格罗希路 Route de Grouchy
恩利和路 Route Henri Riviere
敏体尼荫路 Boulevard de Montigny
爱多亚路 Avenue Eduard VII
爱来格路 Route Coeur Allegre
爱棠路 Route Edan
高恩路 Route A.Cohen
海格路 Avenue Haig
陶尔斐斯路 Route Dollfue
萨坡赛路 Rue Chapsal
维尔蒙路 Rue Vouillemont
葛罗路 Rue Baran Gross
雷上达路 Route Remi
蒲石路 Rue Bourgeat
福开森路 Route Ferguson
福煦路 Avenue Foch
辣斐德路 Route Lafayette
潘兴路 Route Pershing
霞飞路 Avenue Joffre

now let the journey begin...year: 1936....

The bund in 1875

The bund in 1889

the bund in 1932

the bund in 1948

Nanking Road in 1870 (Nanjing Road)

Nanking Road in 1938

Nanking Road in 1941

Pudong Area before 1948

"Little Tokyo" in Hongkou area (Shanghai Daily 1907)

Broadway Mansions (Shanghai Daxia)

Japanese air raids 1937

Japanese troops enter Shanghai, 1937


Avenue Edward VII 1938

The tallest buidling in Far East

France Club in 1928

by XiaoBai original thread here

A dirty-ass street market--all of the buildings around it are in the process of being gutted and razed, amazingly people still do business in them. This will probably be gone in a month:

More evidence

Another great thread by XiaoBai ORIGINAL THREAD

Looking towards my neighborhood

hehe 你以後經常來貼啊,省得我給你轉了,累死我了。

With the sun being in the wrong goddamn position, coating my subject in a haze on an otherwise outstanding day..

...with the opposite direction looking like this:

Get me to the Church on time...

Same wall, different wacky characters:

What the hell is that cracker taking pictures of?!

Thar be Dragons!

Not a bad exposure, just lots of smoke

More crazy smoke

And now a quick tour of some of Shanghai's allegedly oldest apartments

And now for something completely different..
Old and New

Surprise, surprise..more construction

New high-rises trampling the old and obselete like a tsunami

For some finale action--giving a new meaning to "old" and "new":

mama said:
Shanghai[people aquare->huaihai rd.]人民广场到淮海路

顶, thank you very much , HAHAHAHAH
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