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Shanghai Cityscape 上海 都市风景

I just put in an order for a book called "Touring Shanghai". I saw it as an advertisement for the magazine "The Hong Kong China Tourism Press". Anyways, I was wondering if any of you guys have it and could tell me if its a good book, has a lot of modern pictures of Shanghai, etc.

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nice pics, carry_a_torch. more plz! :)
hah, 立刻有老外来看了, sen, 你的那个置顶贴子看来是很对哦 :)
Pangu said:
haha exactly!!!
Just a feedback... those nice pictures are really HUGE... it takes a looooong while to load... would anyone kindly resize them to 800 x 600 pixel, please?
Took no more than 5 - 10 seconds to load on my Cable connection :) But yes this thread does take longer than most threads to load.
mama said:
You will be blessed to be a Shanghai lover.;)
mama said:
▄︻┻┳═ said:
Where is this in Shanghai?
At least one place where the city can thrive and keep some kistorical buildings at the same time! I must go there next time I am in Shanghai.
I was there at night and love the atmosphere!

Its nice to see these beautiful old buildings being restored and put to new use.
I went during nighttime too. My friends there took me to a German pub, quite interesting, they had a live show where Germans were playing instruments. After our 8th round things got a little fuzzy :)

But I do remember going to some shops before that and OMG, they had some really nice products with prices to match... :)
I love 石庫門, they should preserve more, make more Xintiandis.
It is nice to see that some old buildings are preserved. But it is very regrettable that these old houses completely lost their previous function. I don't see much difference between Disney Land and Xintiandi, well Xintiandi is more upscale, that's it.

The last information I got was that they want to expand the whole concept up to Waitan (The Bund). I hope they won't turn the whole area into a gigantic Shanghai Style Disney Land, that would be very sad.

I was at TMSK (Taoming Shikao) just a few weeks ago and had a great dinner there. TMSK is the the restaurant on the last picture.
RafflesCity said:
I was there at night and love the atmosphere!

Its nice to see these beautiful old buildings being restored and put to new use.
I was there at night too......very nice atmosphere for chilling out and have a drink or dinner......:yes:
JUST my secondly city~~
61 - 80 of 5057 Posts