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Shanghai: Give your head a shake!

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I'm not sure if this will be my last Shanghai photo thread. I may or may not return to China after my trip home this summer. Due to visa complications and a rising bout of nationalism in China (I hate nationalism and patriotism), I think I might stay in Vancouver or head to Vietnam or Malaysia. I'll see how the Olympics go. Hopefully, it will be a success and China will be able to wipe some of that egg off it's face. If it turns out to be a huge spectacle with presidents/prime ministers not attending and athletes staging protests, I can't imagine the Chinese people will be very accommodating to foreigners (understandably). I've already noticed a difference due to the Olympic torch fiasco in Paris, London and SF.
China, the West, World....give your head a shake, and enjoy some pictures.

Mad love to Shanghai and China.


monstertruckdriver dabryes big.mp3 - 7.88MB

Check out my flickr page if you want to see the pictures in a larger size

Thanks for staying until the end.
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Great set once again. After so many years of Shanghai pics from you, it's going to be sad to see this end. In any case, I hope you'll be back... because it seems like you have an intimate connection to the city.
Shanghai looks endlessly fascinating. Gotta go one of these years, when the budget allows.
Shanghai will be the center of the World in some decades, and it's reinventing herself very well as a preparation for that moment. Now it's just spectacular, tomorrow it will be vibrant too.
Great pics from giallo once again. I hope you'll be back soon, giallo. Hopefully you are too addicted to Shanghai so that you can't stay out for a long period :devil:
Thank you! Can i ask what camera you use?
Nice colorful pics! Thanks :cheers:
Those contrast are very interesting. Are those areas safe for tourist?
that's "my" shanghai,. what a sensational job.
That's the Shanghai know and love so dearly!
A very interesting collage!
genuine Shanghai pics :D
Those contrast are very interesting. Are those areas safe for tourist?
Almost everywhere is safe in China, there's little crime. Though it would be hard to get around in some minor cities in China where no one speaks anything except for Chinese (no place like this in Shanghai, it's quite international).
Thanks, everyone.

andypandy, I use a Nikon D200.

Assemblage23, Shanghai is a very safe city. I've never ever felt threatened taking pictures anywhere in the city at any time of day or night.
Looks so amazing, no chance...
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