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Suhewan Huaxing New City
320m + 150m
62 floors (estimated)
Foster + Partners

Renderings have been released for the first time for this project, the site is already cleared and construction should start soon, there might be other 3 or 4 residential towers, 150m high, in the same site, but they are not showing in the renderings yet. The neighbour accross the street, to the east, Ankangyuan project (design not released yet), will have a similar height, though these renderings show it a bit shorter. To the south we can find the 200m tower under construction COFCO Joy City phase 2.
It will have a Rosewood Hotel, which has 2028 as opening date, surprinsingly late. Rosewood press release.
Gaoloumi Thread: 河湾华兴新城 . They show 320+200 in the title, but the shorter tower in the rendering is clearly 150m.

huaxin new city 02.jpeg
huaxin new city 05.jpg
huaxin new city 03.jpeg
huaxin new city 04.jpeg
huaxin new city 06.jpg
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