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Why isn't this Shanghai Tower thread in the megatall section like burj Khalifa is ?
Good point. Considering the fact that they are both completed, they should both be either in the megatall section, or in the archive section. Or did we make an exeption for Burj Khalifa because it is the tallest building in the world?

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I visited Shanghai Tower in November. The lower observation deck was already open but the upper deck with the massive damper was still closed.

I know that this tower has already been pictured from every possible angle throughout the years, so I am trying to just contribute here what I believe may be new perspectives and details.

The night illumination at the tower's spirallig curb is spectacular:

Did you ever wonder how they achieve that technically? I did. On the observation floor you can see the LED bars mounted about 20cm away from the actual glas front, so I could squeeze my phone in between and take some nerdy snaps of the frontside of the light bars:

This is a view of the curb portion on the observation deck. You can see the horizontal LED light bars:

Unfortunately, there are a lot of reflections of the glas, so photos from the observation deck might not always be perfect. These are a few of the better ones:

This is an underground passage that you will pass when you exit the tower:

This is a frontal view of the whole tower from the entrance lobby of the Grand Hyatt hotel in the opposite Jin Mao Tower.

This is a view towards the tower from the top floor of Shimao International Plaza building:

This is a view from Shanghai West Road, just East of North-South Elevated Road:

This is the whole triplet of towers:

(Ref.: All are my own photos, published on Flickr.)
23081 - 23100 of 23180 Posts