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Shanghai - Somalia Expo

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Somalia Pavilion

Boosaaso – a northeastern city bordering the Indian Ocean – is exhibited in Somalia Pavilion as an example to demonstrate the important geographical location and cultural significance enjoyed by Somali cities, and the impact of various cultures on Somalia, particularly on the urban space and lifestyle in Boosaaso. This exhibition aims to promote the communication between Somalia and other countries.

The layout of Somalia Pavilion features large areas that are independent from, yet interconnected to, each another. The blue–and-white color tone and smooth curves add mysterious and modern touch to the pavilion. Walking clockwise around the pavilion, you will get some ideas of Somalia’s unique civilization and geographical scene, its political standpoints and religious belief, its communication with other countries, its sustainable development practices in recent years and its achievements in improving the quality of citizens’ life. As the last leg of the tour, the mysterious desert dotted with camel models is presented in front of you. Such scene is in stark contrast with the terse curves and modern touch of the pavilion. -- Source

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Woow good job. That was unexpected. What is it though? A restaurant? art exhibit?
I knew someone who went to that. He even took pics of the Somali pavilion. Would love to see an expo stateside.
Here is the Somali Choir/band "Hobolada Waaberi" performing somewhere in China back in the days. They say something in Chinese @ 3.20 :lol:

Great lyrics though from 3.20 onwards. "Arligaygu waa, arligiina. Arligiinu waa, arligayga." :applause:

Somali Students Performance at some Student night . They've got moves :lol:

Somalia was also represented in my Shanghai Expo thread, just check the link in my signature for details. You find it listed at "S" accoridng to alphabtical order.
Was one of Africas strongest performances, good job!
I was actually there!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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