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Shanghai Urban Life

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Hi, i hope you guys will know more about Shanghai from this thread :cheers:

My favourite 200+'s in Lujiazui

Love the IFC Mall

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Bank of East Asia

Simply love IFC Mall..

Louis Vuitton!

Inside IFC Mall - one of the most luxurious mall on the planet.

Apple store in Lujiazui

Back inside IFC Mall again.

This is the HSBC headquarters in Shanghai

IFC Mall also has many less-luxury-brands at the underground level

I.T. is my favourite store, they sell many good western fashion brands there.

The prettiest supermarket?

Godiva yum!

thanks for sharing your wonderful photos of Shanghai...:cheers2:
Indeed very nice, amazing photos from Shanghai :)
Very on-Chinese. There is more Latin text than Chinese characters visible in the streetscene. Astonishing.
^^Thanks guys :) And yes, Shanghai is a very international city, you can live in Shanghai without being able to speak any Chinese.

Part 2 - Pudong Kerry Centre

Shanghai has one of the largest subway network in the world, i absolutely love it. So convenient and its really clean comparing to other cities in China.

The girl sleeping in the middle is very pretty :p

People lining up for subway, very pleasing sight to see.

This is the Pudong Kerry Centre Mall, it was only completed when i went back, so it was still relatively new and had fewer people going there.

The entrance to the mall from subway line 2, i. like the way how Shanghai subway stops has many exits connecting to various different facilities near the exit,

The shopping mall is located within the very wealthy residential area in Shanghai, so probably anyone you see in the picture is a USD millionaire.

The mall definitely does not feel as luxurious as IFC, but i like it quite a lot for its wooden simplistic design

A very famous Shanghainese restaurant.

During weekends, you would see A LOT of europeans here, the cafes here are all very western. You guys must know Cold Stone, i love it!

Looking up, very beautiful, Shanghai night skies are always lit up by these bright lights.

Apparently the hotel is 5 stars plus, not too sure, but indeed looking very expensive to me. Its amazing how much demands there are for 5 stars hotel there is in Shanghai. This one only just started and there are already customers frequently coming in out of it.

There are many these dessert / drink stores in Shanghai, Element Fresh makes some very nice and health drinks.

Newly developed roads in Pudong are in fact quite wide, but still not as huge comparing to Beijing roads.

I actually live very close to Kerry Centre. The apartments are huge, each floor in the apartment only holds two families.

Having red night sky is a very typical Shanghai feature. You can see the Kerry Centre couple lighting up the whole place. Down beneath are the houses, those are very very expensive, we are talking about 5 million USD+

The area is in fact quite far away from the Shanghai city centre. You can see the "inner ring" elevated highway here, and the maglev train station.

Im not quite sure how you would call this in English, but apartments are grouped into "gardens". Its more like a complex actually, each complex has its own garden, car park, gym etc. You are looking at a swimming pool right there.

People typically speak of the world's three greatest cities: London, Paris, and New York. However, the time clearly has come to speak of the world's four best cities, and Shanghai is among them!
nice one... what i have been looking for such a long time ago... finally, we getting immersed into the city with pics ... keep it going.
People typically speak of the world's three greatest cities: London, Paris, and New York. However, the time clearly has come to speak of the world's four best cities, and Shanghai is among them!
I'm not sure that a huge and stunning business district is enough to make you a "great" city. If it were I would think Hong Kong would be on the list before Shanghai.

But I certainly do agree with looks stunning and I would love to visit.
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