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SHANGHAI: Wheelock Square

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Name of project: Shanghai Wheelock Square 大上海會德豐廣場
Location: intersection, Nanjing Road West / Huasha Road, Puxi, Shanghai
Height: 298m
Number of storeys: 59
Developer: The Wharf (Holdings) Limited, Hong Kong
Construction status: foundation dredging has started
Year of completion: 2007
Designer: KPF (reportedly)



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Looks cool plus has a nice name.
Another great building for Shanghai. :eek:kay:
Would look better in HK though.
It has an optical illusion that makes it look like it's spitting away when the sides are really vertical. Nice looking skyscraper. It needs to go up soon. :)
fantastic design
but looks a little bit lost among all these old towers in this area
would love to see it in pudong
This is a fine example of a large, single tenant, corperate office tower. perfect for any major city. i would surely like to see a tower such as this go into the Grand ave. project here in Los Angeles, and speaking of optical illustions, 1.5 million sq.ft., in 58 floors, or 951'. well done, in my opinion, how i like office towers, not to fancy but present, this one covers all bases, having not seen this tower until last evening, i'm a little suprized as to how it has many of the characteristics of my personal designs for the World Trade Center reconstruction, towers 2, 3, and 4. (more on that later)
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Very nice, reminds me a lot of Union Square Phase 7.
For some reason I think the name fits the building.

I think I like the one in KL more.
I like it alot! Looks similar to Union Square Phase 7 in HK (which I like a lot) but with it's own special edge to it! Can't wait to see it
btw, when did contruction start... any photos??
Yeah, it does look like US7. Looks great though, when is construction planned?
superskyline said:
btw, when did contruction start... any photos??
This pic is from 10th January.

avcellvs said:
Interesting panorama of the JinganPark surroundings. The wheelock Square plot is the one on the left, just behind the tower at the centre on the other side of the elevated highway. See the others plots under construction at the other end of the park.
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nice photos, thanks Tom_Green
The reason it's similar to Hong Kong's Union Square 7 is because the design architectural firm for US7 is Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates;
the same architects that have designed Wheelock Square.

For convenience, the 2 pics that Tom Green gave above that he didn't tag properly (apologies Tom).

The groundwork for Wheelock is behind the tallest tower in the middle where the elevated highway leads to...just visible:

The closer view:

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Does anyone have any updates whatsoever on this bad boy..!!!!!!!!!!!
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