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So this happens last week:

Hunt under way for shark responsible for maiming three Russian tourists at Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh

A hunt is under way to track down a shark responsible for maiming three Russian tourists in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, one of whom remains in a critical condition.

Tonight Egyptian officials closed Sharm el-Sheikh's famous beaches and suspended nearly all diving and watersports activities, which attract more than 3 million holidaymakers every year.

Two of the attacks took place within minutes of each other yesterday afternoon, when an oceanic whitetip shark moved close to shore and began snapping at a couple swimming in the Red Sea. The man's legs were torn by the shark and the woman sustained injuries to her legs and back and had to be resuscitated after rescue.

This morning a further attack, believed to be by the same shark, was made on a woman snorkelling on a reef north of the city's Na'ama Bay. Her arms were bitten off, and she was flown to Cairo for emergency treatment. "We are monitoring the situation very closely and working together with all authorities to ensure the safety of all members and visitors in the Red Sea," said Hesham Gabr, chairman of Egypt's chamber of diving and watersports. "Our thoughts are with the victims and their families."

The oceanic whitetip is a common species of shark that can grow up to four metres long, but as its name suggests it is mainly found in deep water. "This event is absolutely extraordinary," Richard Peirce, chairman of the UK-based Shark Trust, told the Guardian. "Since records began in the late 16th century there have been only nine recorded attacks on humans by an oceanic whitetip. It's abnormal behaviour; this shark hasn't just decided to be in the wrong place at the wrong time – there must have been a specific activity or event that brought it there."

Sharks can be sighted frequently in the Red Sea waters around Sharm el-Sheikh, but attacks on humans are rare. There have been some suggestions that fishing vessels have recently started coming closer to the shore.

"Something has brought this animal to the area and made it think dinner, and it's likely that it involves something being put in or on the water," said Peirce. "If fishing vessels have started coming near the beaches and they're discarding unwanted fish over the side, then that's a powerful shark attractant. It could also be camping sites or hotels dumping rubbish, although until further investigations are done none of us can comment intelligently on what the trigger was."

Today a team from the South Sinai national park launched a search for the shark, which they plan to trap and then release in the Gulf of Suez at a safe distance from the shoreline. The Egyptian government will be watching nervously to see whether the incident has any long-term impact on tourism levels, an important source of revenue for the country.

"It won't be just a bump – this is a catastrophe for the local tourism industry," said Ramy Francis, a veteran diver with close knowledge of the area. "Three attacks so swiftly in succession and all of them that aggressive – it will certainly take some time for the hotel and watersports trade to recover."

But Amr Aboulfatah, the owner of a Sharm el-Sheikh dive centre and former chairman of the South Sinai Association for Diving and Marine Activities, disagreed. "Everyone is scared to get in the water right now, but there are concerted efforts going on to resolve the situation and I really don't think we will see any lasting consequences in terms of the tourism industry."

Egypt: 'Same Shark Attacks Four Swimmers'

An oceanic whitetip attacked two of the tourists off the resort of Sharm el Sheikh on Tuesday, biting off their arms.

And according to Mohammed Salem, director of Sinai Conservation, the same shark may have been responsible for a second, separate attack on a Russian couple who were swimming in the same area.

The fish badly injured the woman's legs and back, and she had to be resuscitated after her rescue; it also bit into the man's legs.

A diving instructor who works in the area, famous for its coral reefs and scuba experiences, said he was on a dive when the second attack happened.

Hassan Salem said he was circled by the shark before it went after the couple.

"I was able to scare the shark away by blowing bubbles in its face, but then saw it swim to a woman and bite her legs," he explained.

The instructor said he watched the water turn red with blood and he rushed to take the diver he was training out of the water.

All four victims have been flown to Cairo for medical treatment and are in critical conditions.

The coast guard is hunting for the shark and has warned swimmers to keep out of the water.

In terms of recorded attacks on humans, most are carried out by the great white shark, the tiger shark and the bull shark.

But the oceanic whitetip is thought to be the biggest killer of them all when taking into account attacks that have not been formally recorded.

The oceanic whitetip is a pelagic shark, which means it does not usually feed near the seabed or the shore, and is a particular threat to shipwreck and air crash survivors.

Luckily, the victims were rescued and airlifted to Cairo for more advanced medical treatment.

Then they claim to have caught the Shark, and that it was safe to swim again:

Shark suspected in Egypt tourist attacks nabbed

A fisherman holds the shark which was identified by an Egyptian diver as the shark which attacked four tourists in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh December 2, 2010. The killer shark was caught off the resort a day after it mauled the tourists on Wednesday, Egypt's Environment Ministry quoted to RIA Novosti.

CAIRO—Egyptian Environment Ministry says two oceanic white tip sharks suspected of attacking four tourists at an Egyptian Red Sea resort have been caught.

Sharks attacked tourists on Tuesday and the day after, maiming three Russians and a Ukrainian tourist according to the Russian embassy.

The ministry said Thursday it caught a 2.25 metre shark weighing 330 pounds and a second that was 2.5 metres long, weighing 550 pounds near the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

The sharks were taken to Ras Mohammed Conservation Center to be dissected for any human remains inside.

The ministry said one of the attacked women lost a hand, the other a leg.

And then 2 days ago, Sharks strike again, killing a German tourist:

Tourist dies after Sharm El Sheikh shark attack
Sunday 5 December 2010 14.11 GMT

Official says German woman's arm was severed in Red Sea attack and she died minutes later
A German tourist died after being mauled by a shark off the Egyptian resort of Sharm El Sheikh today – the latest in a series of shark attacks in the Red Sea over the past five days.

The Egyptian Chamber of Diving and Watersports confirmed the fatality. Its chairman, Hesham Gabr, told the Guardian: "We are busy dealing with the crisis. I can confirm that a German woman was injured and she passed away." A statement would be issued later, he added.

According to security officials quoted by the Associated Press, the women's arm was severed in the attack and she died within minutes.

The latest shark attack will be a huge blow to the resorts and diving centres that line the Red Sea beaches, coming after incidents last week in which three Russians and a Ukrainian were badly injured.

The Egyptian authorities had said they were confident that the capture and killing of two sharks on Thursday had eliminated the threat to swimmers, snorkellers and divers.

A 48-hour ban on entering the water was due to be lifted yesterday.

Around 3 million tourists visit Sharm El Sheikh each year, and the winter months are the peak season. The Red Sea, with its abundance of exotic fish and spectacular corals, is a magnet for divers and snorkellers from all over the world.

Last week's victims were thought to have been attacked by an oceanic white tip shark, which rarely swims close to the shore. Experts blamed tourists for throwing food into the water to lure fish in order to get a better close-up view of them.

"It is clear from our initial discussions with shark behavioural experts that this highly unusual spate of attacks by an oceanic white tip shark was triggered by an activity, most probably illegal fishing or feeding in the area," Gabr said in a statement on Friday.

Conservationists from the South Sinai National Park caught two sharks on Thursday following the earlier attacks, which happened on Tuesday and Wednesday. The animals were dissected to examine the contents of their stomachs, although the results of the autopsy procedures were not released.

Tourists who witnessed one of last week's attacks, near Tiran beach, were shaken by the experience. Speaking before today's attack, many said they would not return to the water even if the authorities gave the all-clear.

"I was very close by," Uri, a tourist from Moscow, said. "I will be spending the rest of my holiday sitting on the beach."

But Anthony Bradbury, a 38-year-old from Oldham, said he was confident that the authorities would catch the shark responsible. "They'll look after the tourists – they want the trade, don't they? You can't live your life being scared of everything," he said.

And then the story got alot more....interesting:

Mossad Behind Egyptian Shark Attacks?

Israelis get blamed for a lot in this part of the world, but Egyptian officials have plumbed new depths of pottiness with their latest Zionist conspiracy theory.

General Abdel-Fadeel Shosha, the governor of South Sinai says he cannot rule out Mossad was behind a series of shark attack on tourists in Sharm el Sheikh, one of them fatal.

Israeli intelligence agents may have caused the Jaws like terror in Sharm in order to wreck the Egyptian tourist industry he says.

Whether this was an Israeli agent in a shark costume, a specially indoctrinated Zionist shark, or a remote controlled cybershark, the general does not elaborate, but he says the theory needs investigating.

Ahram online relates how the theory surfaced on Egyptian tv:

‘Speaking on the public TV program "Egypt Today" yesterday, a specialist introduced as "Captain Mustafa Ismail, a famous diver in Sharm El Sheikh," said that the sharks involved in the attack are ocean sharks and do not live in Egypt's waters.

When asked by the anchor how the shark entered Sharm El Sheikh waters, he burst out, "no, it's who let them in?"

Urged to elaborate, Ismail said that he recently got a call from an Israeli diver in Eilat telling him that they captured a small shark with a GPS planted in its back, implying that the sharks were monitored to attack in Egypt's waters only. .

"Why would these sharks travel 4000 km and not have any accidents until they entered Sinai waters?" asked Ismail.”

According to the Egyptian news website a local marine biologist has already stepped up to dismiss the far fetched theory.

Mahmoud Hanafy, from the Suez Canal University, pointed out that actually there are oceanic white tips in Egyptian waters and sticking GPS units into sharks is standard practice for scientists tracking them.

Throwing up preposterous theories is not the only sign Egypt is panicking over the shark attacks.

Authorities seem to be relying on good old fashioned press obstruction too.
Colleagues in Cairo tell me they have been denied permission from the government to travel to Sharm to report on the shark.

Egypt would probably do a lot better to see what the shark scientists rushing to Sharm find out and then acting on their advice.


Here the TV show, and the Dunce who came up with the Mossad theory:



First of all, I would like to say R.I.P to the victims, and my thoughts to their relatives.

Second of all, this is horrible for our important Tourist Revenue. A major PR dent.

Now there are a couple of things which piss me off about this whole incident.

1. The idiot who blamed it on Mossad. I don't really have to explain this.

2. The governments claim to have caught the Shark, as if to say "Everything's good, go back and swim, contribute to our tourism revenue". When actually, they had caught a completely different kind of shark, the wrong one.

3. Why is this story making Headlines in the International Media, when the recent Egyptian Parliamentary Elections (which btw the ruling party won 90% of seats, completely eliminating the opposition, and sending us back to a 1970 era parliament, and is bound to have an effect on regional/global affairs), isn't making headlines? Why is the world Silent about the Egyptian Elections?

4. I don't like how they have to bring experts from USA and Australia to help solve this problem.

Why aren't there Egyptian Experts on this issue? Is the Egyptian mind less capable than the American or Australian mind?

Having the Red Sea and Mediterranean, Marine Ecosystems are huge part of the Egyptian Environment. Why don't we have our own experts on such a significant aspect of our country?

This reminds of a story about Saddam Hussein. Once, there was a huge power cut in Baghdad. The ministers came to Saddam and said: "Your excellency, The power in Baghdad is cut" Saddam replies: "Okay, what should be done to fix it?" The ministers reply: "We have sent for experts from Europe to come solve the problem, they should be here in 2 days" Saddam replies: "Why do we have to rely on Western experts? Is the Iraqi mind less capable than the Western mind? Fix it yourselves in 24 hours, or you will be executed" The Ministers managed to fix it themselves.

This is the same thing happening here.

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Egypt facing 'worst case scenario': more than one killer shark in the waters

Scientists scouring the waters off Egypt's premier Red Sea resort have admitted that they are facing a "worst case scenario" after concluding that a spate of attacks on swimmers in the area was the work of at least two sharks.

Conservationists and marine biologists had hoped that a lone rogue shark was responsible for the death of a German woman and the mauling of four other tourists in Sharm el-Sheikh over the past week.

But Egyptian officials in the Sinai peninsula yesterday disclosed that a shortfin mako shark captured last week had been forensically identified as the culprit behind last Wednesday's attack on two swimmers from Russia and Ukraine.
"The bite on one of the victims has been matched with the teeth of the Mako," said Ahmed el-Edkawy, the deputy secretary general of South Sinai governorate.

"We are confident that this shark was responsible for the second incident."
That one of the culprits responsible for the mysterious terror visited on Sharm el-Sheikh's beaches may have seemed like good news.

But with witnesses saying that the latest attack, was carried out by a whitetip, scientists are being forced to confront the likelihood that sharks from two different species have suddenly developed man-killing tendencies.

More worryingly, scientists now have no idea how many sharks may have developed a taste for human flesh – making both the hunt for the killers and a search for the explanation of their bizarre behaviour far more complicated.

"Our best case scenario was of a single shark that would move out of the area, solving the problem" said Elke Bojanowski, a German expert on Red Sea sharks involved in the international hunt for rogue predators.

"But if there was more than one then we have to look for a trigger that is influencing the sharks' behaviour and it may be impossible to find.

"If we don't have a clue what the trigger is then what are we to do?" Three international shark experts from the United States flew into Sharm el-Sheikh yesterday to join the investigation.

George Burgess, the Florida-based director of the International Shark Attack File, said the team was examining whether changes in underwater ecology or the illegal practice of baiting the sharks with meat could be responsible for the crisis.
Scientists on the team said they had heard reports of tour guides throwing chickens overboard to attract the sharks.

The attacks have been confined to a three-mile stretch of shore and at similar times indicating that the sharks may be gathering at an area where they are used to being fed.

Egyptian authorities, already facing criticism for reopening beaches prematurely over the weekend, yesterday allowed swimming and snorkelling to go ahead outside the danger zone.

Gen el-Edkawy of the South Sinai governorate yesterday insisted that no tourists had cancelled their trips to Sharm el-Sheikh.

In an apparent attempt to prove the waters safe, he donned a wet suit and jumped into the water just yards from the spot where the German woman was killed.

Emerging 20 minutes later, he pulled his mask to one side and proclaimed: "I saw a lot of beautiful marine life. It was wonderful. Everything is wonderful. This city is a gift from God and I'm sure everything is safe."

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South Sinai Governate Master Instructor Tamer Mohammed leaves the water after diving in the sea at the site of the fatal shark attack of a German tourist, in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheik, Egypt Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2010. Egyptian authorities have reopened some Red Sea beaches that had been closed to swimmers after an unusual series of shark attacks over the past week, including the fatal mauling of a German tourist:

A tourist rests near a red flag positioned on a beach to prohibit swimming and diving at the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh December 6, 2010. A shark killed a German tourist who had been swimming near the shore at the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh on Sunday, days after a string of attacks injured several divers, Egypt health officials said. The body of the 70-year-old woman was washed onto the shore. Officials said she had lost her right thigh and right elbow:

Egyptian security boats search for sharks in the waters in which a German tourist fell victim to a shark attack in Sharm el-Sheikh December 6, 2010. A shark killed a German tourist who had been swimming near the shore at the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh on Sunday, days after a string of attacks injured several divers, Egypt health officials said. The body of the 70-year-old woman was washed onto the shore. Officials said she had lost her right thigh and right elbow.:

A group of tourists play volleyball on the beach in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh on December 6, 2010, a day after a shark mauled to death a German woman tourist snorkelling, in the third shark attack in Egypt's popular Red Sea resort in a week, local officials said:

Tourists who were due to participate in an aquatic exercise class, perform their exercises on the sand instead, at the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, Monday, Dec. 6, 2010. Egyptian authorities have indefinitely closed the resort's beaches for swimming after oceanic white tip sharks mauled three Russians and a Ukrainian tourist last week, and tore the arm off an elderly German tourist on Sunday, killing her almost immediately:

Tourists sunbathe next to a red flag at a closed beach in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheik, Egypt Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2010. Egyptian authorities have reopened some Red Sea beaches that had been closed to swimmers after an unusual series of shark attacks over the past week, including the fatal mauling of a German tourist.

Lots of meat for the Sharks :naughty:

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חבר1.0;68556415 said:

This reminds me of the time we were accused of smuggling HIV infected watermelons into Saudi Arabia... :lol:
you forgot about the Mossad trained snakes

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Lol, why do these Arabs always blame on Jews, Israel and Mossad everytime when something bad happens in their countries?

One of its examples, few weeks ago my Korean friend's Muslim neighbour's house (where alot of Muslim lives in that suburb) got broken in and he said he's 200% sure Jews did it LOL!

Funny sh!t!

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Europeans also used to do the same in the past. (i.e blood libels, Martin Luther, Hitler, etc)

Judaism is an enclosed religion, thus Jewish people generally keep to themselves, this makes people uneasy for some reason or other.

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Lol, why do these Arabs always blame on Jews, Israel and Mossad everytime when something bad happens in their countries?

One of its examples, few weeks ago my Korean friend's Muslim neighbour's house (where alot of Muslim lives in that suburb) got broken in and he said he's 200% sure Jews did it LOL!

Funny sh!t!
Sorry, Egyptians are not "Arabs" only. Please rephrase your statement, otherwise I will file a lawsuit against you.
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