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Sheffield Picture Game

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Very simple to do.

You post a picture of somewhere in Sheffield (what the person beforehand has suggested) then make a suggestion yourself.

So, i've started with a picture of the Town Hall, then suggested a picture of the City Hall. The first person to reply will post a picture of the City Hall then make their own suggestion, and so on. Should leave us with a good collaboration of pictures.

Note: If you're using google, please don't post extra large images :) goes...

Next image: City Hall
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The City Hall Gates

Next image: The Cutlers Hall
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Theres a crap googled picture of Cutlers Hall to keep this poor little thread going.

I remember being quite rudely put down by some forumers on here when I declared I didn't actually know where this is ( I have never been and up until then never seen it on a map or pointed out to me whilst on the street).

Next thing to post: Royal Hallamshire Hospital
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Arts Tower next peoples!
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Grosvner House Hotel next, :lol:
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aha! that was a bit of a trick! telegraph house is the white building opposite HMV, not telephone house :) but either way its a nice photo

Beauty isn't she?

oops, thats the london one!

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Goodbye Grosvenor House Hotel

Next one Old Town Hall/ ex Crown court
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Next: The Rutland Arms (Brown Street, CIQ)
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Heres a Rutland Arms

Next staying with pubs then 'The Swim Inn'
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Ponds forge from a few years ago (scan)

Note the Anvil block from a forge outside ;)

So Next would be Forge Masters

(Alternate, Student games theme would be Don Valley Stadium)
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Good picture from Flickr.

Next image: West One
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West One from the inside ;)

Next; S one on West Street
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