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Shenzhen Cityscapes 深圳 都市风景

Hi, a serie of Shenzhen pics here on the HK forum because IMO Shenzhen is a child of HK. Most pics are taken by me, some by Denilson, someone living in Shenzhen, and some 'stolen' on this forum.

Interesting lowrises:

Shenzhen tallest, Shun Hing Square, photo by Denilson:

photo by Denilson:

First Tower:

SEG-plaza, 2nd tallest:

Panorama over Shenzhen from HK, on the right Lo Wu station, the border station with HK. The river and city border is exactely the border with HK:


More next year after my new visit!

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Pavv said:
Nice. It looks o so very clean :)
I believe Shenzhen won some sort of international award for being one of the cleanest metropolitan areas in the world. I don't remember the name of the award right now but it would be nice if someone could fill in :)

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Thats my favourite city in China, even more than HK or Shanghai. It really looks futuristic, and by the pics it seems to be clean (of course that are parks and main avenues). I hope it will fusion with HK in the near future, making a giant vertical metropolis.

Any proposal taller than Sung Hing Sq?
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The Richest, Youngest city in China...

Yes, Shenzhen! My current home. Check it out...

I took this the other night at midnight. Its a 15 second exposure.
The building to the left is the 7th tallest in the world.

One of SZ's many skylines, a very long exposure with some last second camera shaking action. This is the Hua Qiang Bay area.

A panoramic of the same area, without the shaking. Pardon my amateur stitching job. That was done several months ago.

Now of course this is blurry as hell, but its one of the few I have uploaded to the net as of yet. I can never get a good shot from this vantage. The bridge is always shaking from the mad rush of traffic below. Shenzhen's main strip.

Seafood, the pride of Cantonese cuisine.

Thats all Ive got uploaded right now. Ill post more when I get them on the net.
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