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The design published in 2017

This article is the "Five Building and Curtain Wall Design Summit Forum" held by the "Architectural Skills" and "Building Curtain Wall" magazines in Shenzhen on October 19-20, 2017. Associate Dean of Guangdong Architectural Design and Research Institute. , the chief architect, the national engineering survey and design master Chen Xiong's wonderful report. The report combines the Shenzhen Baoan International Airport Satellite Hall project to analyze the integrated design of “architecture, structure, curtain wall, roofing and decoration”. The overall shape of the T3 terminal of Shenzhen Baoan International Airport resembles a manta, which expresses the flow of flying and passengers with manta rays, birds and fish, and conveys the emotions and fantasies of flying celebrations. The T3 terminal has a sleek shape, a strong overall structure and a unique texture. It is an elliptical arched shell with an integrated steel structure, and the indoor space is rich in light and shadow. There are many sunroofs and seams in the T3 terminal building. The building form and shape are complex, and there are many difficulties in the exterior of the building. The team has revised and deepened the whole plan for these difficulties: the L-shaped sunshade components are added to the building shape, the energy consumption is reduced, and the urban characteristics of Shenzhen are also expressed; the structural professional models and calculates the truss arch + space grid structure; Expand the special research on curtain wall and roofing system; adjust the structural form according to the height limit conditions of the building to ensure the maximum indoor net height; optimize the geometric shape of the building to ensure the standardized construction of the curtain wall and roof, and meet the requirements of green building and fire protection. Shenzhen Baoan International Airport Satellite Hall adopts X configuration, simple and smooth shape, and the arch structure echoes with T3 terminal building; it adopts exposed frame glass curtain wall system and upright seamed metal roof; it adopts standardized unit construction and reasonable skylight design. Roof drainage system, which effectively reduces operating costs. The geometric shape optimization ensures the feasibility of the standard unitized construction of the glass curtain wall; the structural adjustment ensures the most favorable indoor height and the transparent curtain wall effect in a limited space; the reasonable system design reduces the cost and the difficulty of the owner's operation; Roofing, structure and construction have become an organic whole, and finally standardized and integrated design.
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