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SHENZHEN | China Life Tower | 165m | 541ft | 35 fl | Com

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Construction project tenders tender: open tender project types: housing construction project housing construction earthwork Item Number: 44030020110059 Item Name: Shenzhen, China Life Tower Project No.: 44030020110059001 tender Project Name: Shenzhen, China Life Tower, earthwork, excavation and pile foundation Engineering Works Address: Futian District, Shenzhen, Southern District project site specific location and surroundings: Shenzhen, China Life Tower project is located in the south central area of Futian District, Xinzhou Road, east of Fuhua south Mintian west blessing Hua Road north. Bidding agency: Shenzhen, Beijing, Shenzhen Construction Supervision Company Attn: Circumstances of office: 8354917183549171, Mobile:, Construction Unit: China Life Insurance Company Limited Attn: Li Wentao office Tel: 33321019, Mobile: total planned investment : 84034.0000 ten thousand yuan this contract works Valuation: 5700.0000 ten thousand yuan of the tender area: 0 m2 this tender: earthwork; excavation; foundation and infrastructure; plan and completion date: March 30, 2011 to 2012 On March 29

in the Futian District, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, China Life Tower, is the central business district of Shenzhen. Its construction land area of approximately 5,009.35 square meters, ground floor area of approximately 60,000 square meters, the building height of about 150 meters. The proposed 32-story office building on the ground for the tower and podium three layers composed of four layers in the basement near the subway side, the side away from the subway 5 floors in the basement; pit circumference of about 260m, close to the Metro side of the pit depth of 17.4m, the side away from the subway excavation depth of 22.0 ~ 25.35m, all using reinforced concrete underground continuous wall support.

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